Monday, February 25, 2008

How y'all doin?

taken 10 minutes before top heavy baby toppled out of toy shopping cart. nice.
um, I dropped my comb, can someone get me my comb? I need to work on my hairpiece.
check out my very round cherubic face....lovin' the jowls!
working on the US of A puzzle and I'm wondering who dressed E. today? good thing he
didn't leave our house today. Merry Christmas in your green and red garb.
check out Levi's Lego creation in the background...


What it be like?

I am so out of it lately...I feel like I'm a whirling dervish (that was for you, B), trying to keep ahead of the storm and failing. miserably. so there ya go. it's out. :) hangin' on by a thread. but it's all good. it's just life and I wanna grab it all. and it freaks me out when I can't.

Got some good pix of the childrens today. (no, that is not a typo...I watched Nacho Libre a couple of days ago and they put s' on lots of things)...Will's voice is (ahhhh) changing...his facial hair is becoming noticeably more um, noticeable. He is taller than me and I just can't get over that. W. is an incredible young man. Ethan is trying so hard and succeeding at being less disagreeable. He is making some good strides in his school work, doing really well in his handwriting and excited to be working on his second installment of their much loved superhero, "Super Dude"...(check out their blog, they posted some of that tonight). Melanie loves blogging, just like her momma! I'm trying really hard to get her trained on doing some dishes, to help out with that load. She is an AMAZING little momma and smart girl! Levi. the things that come out of that boy's head. Today, on the stairs, Will referred to something as being stupid (yeah, I know, that could be a baaaad word)..and Levi became quite agitated and yelled, in a voice I've not heard from him, that "I'm noooooooot STOOOOOPID, don't call me STOOOOOPID"! He holds his own, I will give him that. He is so darn cute and lovin' his legos! He is so very imaginative and I love to watch him play with the Legos and to see the big folks in his life (all of us pretty much) carve a chunk out of their day to accomodate him! Tonight, I was getting him ready for beddy and we found a cute li'l bathrobe that some friends had passed onto us (Thanks J family and please, please get well). We put it on, he looks so cute and he asked me specifically to put that on "your blog, mom??" Molly is something else. I love that she has an audience at all times. I wish I knew how to post some video on here. She loves to clap, loves to be sung to, clapped at, smack her chubby little hand down on things, i.e. the table, the floor, our heads, her high chair tray and she loves to hear the little squeaky noise that her sweaty little hands make when she drags them across the tray (thanks for letting us borrow your h. chair, B....please let me know when you want it back, k????) Molly is simply adorable. She is eating lots of organic baby foods, and I introduced some formula to her for the very first time in her 7.5 month old life. She does OK with it and I think she is naturally just weaning herself! She is a peach.
Ok, well that's the news on this front...there is more...but I will post again tomorrow!
Beck, enjoy your very LAST day as a 20-something. I'm boo hooing for you! Mom & Dad will no longer have any kids in their twenties. put that in your pipe and smoke it! peace out! sorry for the blabbin'.


Sherry at the Zoo said...

Deep breaths...deep breaths....
Can I do anything to help you?

Those are GREAT pictures! Molly is getting so very big.

dmoms said...

I love that you love your kids so much!

becky said...

Love pics the pics of the kiddos! Love Love Love Molly in the cart! She is such a dolly! :)

Call me if you need to vent! And thanks, I've already said whirling dervish about 100 times in my head. Here we go again! Love you!

Laurie and the rest of 'em said...

Thanks, girls! Your words of encouragement are so appreciated!!
Lots of love,