Saturday, February 9, 2008

Uppercase Living Party...

mmmm chocolatey goodness

Charlie's Angels...aka, Cheryl, Beth and Melissa

Beck's high school pal, Amanda and my mom

Jordan with Nora and Molly...look at that skill

Beck had a UL party Thursday night, with a lovely spread of delish food and fine fellowship. We had Charlie's Angels in attendance as well as the cutest, tiniest little friend of Beck's, Margaret. (she really is itty bitty and so cheerful). Becky's teenaged niece, Jordan, helped out with the little people.

Hope y'all are having a wonderful weekend...this sunshine has done my soul a world of good!!
I will be posting today or tomorrow on Molly and her new Build-A-Bear leopard she got in commemoration of her birth (exactly 7 mos ago this very day!!)...she is starting to sit up as well...she is so darn happy and cute!


velvet said...

sounds like such a fun time! and i want a brownie!!! those look soooo good! waaahhh! :)

Sherry said...

Man, if I had known you had brownies, I would have skipped the sleep and ran on over!

Stickers said...
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becky said...

THanks for all of your help, thissy! I had such a good time and i can't wait to get my stuff!!! YEA!!!