Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Longing for some warmth and Bocce Ball

Fellow bloggin' bud and cousin, Kara. Yes, the banana is in this on purpose!
We are just too funny! (check out her's listed w/ mi Amigos)

My Levi and her Cameron...aren't they so cute and small?? Levi is 5 now and Cam just turned 4!!
One of David's younger bro's, Aaron...
Look at the form of my studly muffin!! I looooove his hands!!
Another of the younger bro's, Nathan!

These pictures are from David's family reunion in 2005. not that they are ever really "fun" for a few reasons, e.g. dealing with kids in usually some muggy heat, awkward moments with people you see once in a while, you know, typical reunion feelings. But right about now, I would take this day. Gimme some Bocce Ball. Gimme some reunion awkwardness and suntanned kids, warm food (not for the right reasons), talking to people that you really will never "know" (except for you, Kara, of course, hugs)...anything to be warmer and out of this icy, snowy weather.

Yes, I know this is a random, weird post but I'm kind of at a loss tonight. My hubby is away on business tonight, spur of the moment and so I'm up way too late, changing my desk/scrap area/school area around. Tomorrow is Valentine's prep...we are having our small E. party with a group of pals and then tomorrow night, when Davey boy gets back into town, we are going out to eat for V-Day, since we can't on Thursday...too many things going, but all fun!!

I'm in such a blogging mood...lemme go dig up some other weird pix. Be back later. Hope you all are staying warm...I'm sooooooo over winter. sorry. Choose JOY. Choose JOY!


The Zoo said...

We should have had a big party last night - why the cat's away the mice will play!

{Happy Homes} said...

I thought I was the only one who gets in the "blogging" mood. Only been blogging one month, but can't seem to get that an addictive personality trait???? Uh,oh....

Smooches, Kara said...

It's about time you spruced this place up with some pictures of me!! I have been known to bring a touch of class wherever I go!! harhar ;)

I love playing Bocce Ball. I even have two sets! See you this summer my dear and I will take you on!!!