Wednesday, February 13, 2008

around the house

this is our sole pet...Liz...Will's 3 yr. leopard gecko
Molly started out sitting up in her boppy @ bottom of pic...ended up under my bed
doesn't this just look cold, Velvet? brrr brrrr
these next 2 pix are part of my 12 on the 12th (forgot again)
this is the movie I told you about's a tear jerker!
Good Wednesday morning, folks!
These are just some around the house shots for your viewing pleasure. or not.
We are spending a nice, productive day in the house, prepping for Valentine's day/E's, washing and folding laundry, schooling, banging our heads on the wall. o wait, that's me doing that. bap, bap, bap.
breathe. nice and deep. I go from one thing to the next because I have so many little projects going on right now! ahhhhhhh. Time for lunch...hope you are having a muy productive day.


Smooches, Kara said...

Dear Frankie was beyond awesome!! I saw it a few years ago and adored it!

I love the around the house shots. Of course I am a bit of a Nosey Rosey ;)

velvet said...

yes, it does look cold :) but beautiful, too! hope you have a good e. bday/v-day celebration tomorrow! don't stress too much - everything will get done! and if it doesn't, oh well! :)

Heather said...

One thing at a thing at a time...don't look at the whole please repeat that advice to me when I'm in one of my manic moods, K?
After your recommendation of Dear Frankie in one of your previous posts, I put it on our Netflix que. I'm a BIG sucker for tear-jerkers! I'll let you know how much I love it!
No WAY is Molly crawling!! She's gotta' be fast to keep up w/ the sibs.

Charmaine said...

Ummm... what ARE those in your pet's food bowl?? Are we talking worms?

Stickers said...

Happy Valentines Day. Drummer Boy and me finally stopped fighting. Wanna do coffee on Monday?? Smooch.

athomemama said...

Kara - it's ok, be nosey! I'll do the same to you! :)
Velvet - thanks for encouraging words...reminders to breathe are always welcome 'n good!
Heather - I will definitely repeat your wise words to will love Dear Frankie. Jeff may even as well!
Charmaine - those are mealworms (see sherry's blog, if you leave them and let nature take it's course, they turn into big, nasty beetles. ick. Liz loves her mealworms!! mmm mmm good.
Stickers - glad you and Drummer boy are done fighting (a good sign, it means you are alive)...and YES! let's be spontaneous and do us some coffee...@ that new Starbucky's by you! lemme know.