Monday, October 6, 2008

Weekends are for fun

Levi, smothering his kid sis as usual....

Our good friend, Randy, was in the area for the weekend...always nice to visit with this caring fella! He is so good with our kids! Thanks for hanging out with us, guy!

The weekend was quite busy....and to begin it all...I did something quite horrible to my lower back on Friday night. My hips have been bothering me lately anyways...but Molly fell off of the couch and I jerked, youch...something snapped. Then she did it AGAIN! and I jerked again. I was done for.

Growing older stinks. up to the couch I go...heating pad, Bach's remedies in hand, loving, nurturing children to attend to me (I despise being flat on my back, helpless)...I got up after a bit because D. wasn't going to make it to Pizza Hut in time. I thought I would be ok enough to drive up the road a piece. Sweating profusely, foggy head...woooops, there I go...luckily falling onto the couch....

I do believe I did pass out for a brief minute. The pain was bad. Melanie, sweet Mel-mel...whatta gal...waiting there upon my "return" with a cold rag to put on the ol' girls forehead. She ROCKS! everyone needs a Melanie.

I'm a bit better now...but still not up to snuff...I think the kids like it when I'm down for the count...they are all very nurturing...but they can also get away with more. ha. I'm baaaaack.

Our friend, Randy, was driving a load east this weekend and stopped in for a good visit...nice to see ya, fella!

Saturday morning was Levi's "soccer" game. Yah...we had a nice little crowd of friends/family there...and he never once kicked the ball. that's ok. he ran well! It's off to Gma's to pick up boys, drop off sleepy Molly (Thanks, momma, for keeping cranky girl) and head back to games...Boys' had double header...alwwaaaaaays a good time....back to pick up Molly..head home to clean upstairs, and heat back. Man, I just read thru this and it's excruciatingly boring. sorry for that.
Sat. evening, David made omelets for us and I made whole wheat blueberry flapjacks (Mel was not home, she went to Maddy's)...boys had their friend, Lane over....we had Randy here, as well as some other people...who picked up the omelet/bluberry pancake ingredients...thanks, kids. A good time was had by all...except for the fact that I couldn't stay awake. That's what I get for being such a busy, taxi-driving mom. It catches up with me eventually. I buckled.
Sunday morning: AWESOME worship service...Randy's teaching from John Chapter 14 was incredible....I sound like a broken record...whatta wonderful body of believers to be a part of!
We had our friends and fellow-homeschool, church-going comrades, the K's over last night...Bobby and Tammy, Sarah, Annie, and Caroline...we ate some sandwich ring, Tammy's homemade salsa (she adds avocado...mmm mmm good) etc. ...and we sat and talked about the political issues, courting, homeschooling and how cool all of our kids are! Nice to have you down, folks! We have enjoyed getting to know you better! Bobby writes for the Indianapolis check him out. His last name is easy. Opposite of Queen.
Ok, time to get a jumpstart to this day...thought I'd better get caught up on this blog...especially now that my keyboard seems to have mysteriously started working again...
This post makes me tired. Hope you are having a wonderful start to your week! I know we aren't. :)


Stickers said...
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Tory said...

Okay, so I am tired and my back hurts after reading your blog! ;) No wonder your back is killing you...besides the fact that you have birthed 5 children without pain killers, carried those 5 kids, and managed to keep up with all of! Glad you had a good weekend despite the back pain. Hope you are back to your normal self soon.

Hugs, t

wv: atyjq (at ya, queen)

Laurie and the rest of 'em said...

working toilets are goooood!

your salsa is totally different. tasty, delish, healthy.

Tory, have missed chatting with you but I'm back in bizness.

Hope y'all have a good week!

love and hugs,