Sunday, October 19, 2008

birthday parties and such

being attacked by a Great White shark...

do you like my gift bag?

some of the party revelers. wow, whatta lively bunch!

Mr. Rogers rocks!

Beck's on her coffee drinking kick again. she does this once in get my hopes up. She says she doesn't drink it more because of the pictures that ensue.

Will's party was a low-key, present-filled event.
He got some nice clothing, socks, undies (yah, thanks for sharing that, mom)...a few DS games, those dang Schleich animals that he loves so very much, Legos (yes, he's 14), gift cards, and such.
We ate lasagna, garlic bread, salad, mmm mmm good. thank you to my parents for all their help, as always. Mom, your 'sagna ROCKED! Thank you, everyone, for your kind gifts to our firstborn son.
I'm gonna go now. Just wanted to post these pix for ya, Tory, Dad, Beck...Levi's crying down stairs because he had an accident in his pantses. maybe he will be completely trained by the time he's 14!! yah!!
Hope y'all had a magnificent weekend. Soccer is over. that is what matters. Up next? harvest party prep. whoa nelly. Peace!


Tory said...

Yay! Such wonderful pictures. My favorite is the one of the "whole" family. The only sad part is that you aren't in any of them. ;( But, I do understand. I am trying to blog (no pictures...I don't have the energy...hahaha), but it's more fun to harrass you. Love ya, cuz! (14, and Lisa's oldest is 20...makes me feel old...oh, well, I'll get over it.) Talk at ya' later, t

Stickers said...
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Anonymous said...

Jeff made the coffee perfectly "uncoffee like"...thanks! Twas a nice evening at your homestead. I can't believe the Will man is 14. Good night, i'm getting old. I love how Piper was ALL over Levi and he was just like "whatever"...
they are so cute together. xoxo

Smooches, Kara said...

I guess one has to assume you were there partying like a RockStar!! ;)

Is there any cake left to share with a fave cousin-in-law!?!

Laurie and company said...

no more cake left...sorry. it was tasty enough. yes, I was def. there partying like said Rock Star!! you know it.

We will get Beck over to the dark side eventually...when she's a big girl! until then, we drink! a quick hi back at ya, Stickers.

Laurie and company said...

Beck, I do love also how Levi totally "blows" Piper off...but he loves being with her. mostly. Will IS 14, we will grasp that one of these days, probably right before he turns FIFTEEN!! AcKKKKKK!

VELVET said...

be prepared...will is such a cutie...i see a gaggle of girls on the horizon... :)

Laurie and company said...

i love the word gaggle. it's my new favorite.