Friday, October 17, 2008

Waterman's blast from the past...

stumbled on this funny Will pic...amazed how much he has changed in 3 short years.

oooh, he was so yiddle.

Tiny P

they've been "tizzzzite" from the get-go.

Just wanted to post these funnies from a few years back...I know I have more from the past and I know you are dying to see them. Dad, at least you are.

This hi-speed internet? wow. amazed at how fast it lets me blog now! it's mind-blowing to this dial up gal.

Have a peachy evenin'.


Tory said...

Am so glad that you are enjoying your U-verse. I am enjoying the pictures so very much. Especially, the comparative pictures throughout the years. How awesome that you are so thorough, and manage to take pictures the same way every year. Keep up the good work, punkin! Love ya, t

Laurie and company said...

you are always so encouraging! I am glad you are enjoying the pix...I will try to keep some coming of the thru the years stuff that you maybe haven't seen.

how are you doing? are your parents having a nice trip? ready for another week?

love ya cuz, LY

Tory said...

Am doing well! Thank you for asking. Hope you are ready for another week, too. Mom and dad seem to be doing fine, but as they are visiting family, I haven't had much time to talk. Am supposed to see them on Saturday, and we will catch up then. Take care, and you have a good week yourself.

Love ya, t

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