Friday, October 24, 2008

Backup mishap & cedar recycled

can you tell what this is?


check out the ruggedness of these new rails? Ya know what's cool about them, besides that they are attractive? they are recycled from our old porch! David is so good at this kind of stuff! Go David! And do you like his creative frame for holding our tarp up, keeping debris off of and out of the pool. we hope.

yesterday was a not so good kinda day.
We got ready to head out to our Dr. Andry appt...Jose was at our house, finishing up the tree work...he parked in our driveway, which is fine...but maybe not when ya gotta ding dong living here. I saw the car.
But I got in my car, buckled up, made sure everyone was in, with some form of jacket....backed up, boom. What is that loud noise anyway? did the kids put their bikes or some trash behind me? I said this out loud...and the kids replied rather anxiously "NOOOOOOOOO, Jose is behind are hitting his caaaaaaaaar!!" ahhhhhhhhhhh.
I put the car in park, jumped out, pulling my hair (this is how I cope)....looking, screaming around for Jose...he was in the other part of the I ran into the house, where David was also getting ready to leave..."Ahhhhhhhh, I backed into Jose's car!" David, "You did WHAT???" this time, I am on the verge of throwing up and my head is spinning....All I remember by this time was D. saying..."blah blah blah...500 dollar deductible...blah blah blah".....ahhhhhhh.
Out we go...."JOSE, I hit" (this young fella and his wife just welcomed their firstborn son, Julian, so he isn't getting much sleep...quinceanara post, remember him???)...he is a laid back, gracious kinda guy...and praise the Lord for that! he took it all in stride. Needless to say, I didn't get a pic of his car but if he is brave enough to show back up here (he was here today for a second)...I will be sure to get one...I think they were able to stick his side mirror back up...but gosh.
Insurance has been notified, and the fixing process is under way....all I hafta say is, Watch out. (I really wasn't driving like a bat out of heck...I was backing up like I do every other time I leave my house!
These last few pix are pretty obvious...just so ya can see the porch progress...the new rail ROCKS! David is a craftsman!
And on a final note, if anyone has a toddler bed I can borrow, lemme 15.5 month old girl flipped herself outta her crib today....un. buhleev. able. I'm floored and so was she.
I'm outta here. I gotta harvest party to prep for. ahhhhhhh. Peace, love and joy to you!


Stickers said...
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Tory said...

Wow, slow down...back away from the caffeine...just say no! So, glad that you and the family are safe, but that stinks. I usually do throw up at things like that (and, I sure have had my share of scrapes...don't know that I would be brave enough to share them with the props to you). My parents actually celebrate when I don't vomit...seriously! I guess I have a weak stomach...oh yeah, and in hospitals or around blood, I faint. Good thing I don't have kids, huh?

I second Stickers' comment about the blah, blah, blah...moment of shear genius...too funny, even in the midst of travail.

Oh, someone needs a hug! And, let me say, I didn't see that one coming!

You know what that means though dontcha? Your harves party is going to be AWESOME!

Love ya, peaches, t

Heather said...

Oh...bless your heart. Stuff happens. Like Stickers said, at least no one was hurt.
And the flipping herself out of her crib...what the...?! Would a crib net help? Unfortunately I have neither a net or a toddler bed. Sorry... I'm in the throes of crib to twin bed transitioning,'s NO fun! He'll be in his crib and his brother in his bassinet until they're both in high school.
Hugs to you!!

Anonymous said...

hey Laurie, sorry about the car! I know my day is coming that I do something like that.

hey, check out my blog...I'm considering homeschooling next year. Lots of thoughts about it though... my kids would be 7th,6th and 4th.

would you mind chatting with me some time about how you do it? do your kids ever want to go to public/private school? what about activities for the older ones?

Tory said...

Okay, so I am sitting here, by myself (well, I do have my homework, and I can hear my neighbors walking around upstairs! Does that count?) and dad came for a visit and have left already, and I just cannot help thinking about how much fun you are having right about now. How David has come up with some great non-hippie costume; yet, somehow, the wig still factors into the party. How Stickers is saying something bitingly sarcastic yet extremely witty, and how about 40 other people are crammed into your warm and cozy home having pumpkin fun and apple delights! Oh, how jealous I am right about now. Hope you are truly having a wonderful time.

Love ya, t

Sherry at the Zoo said...

I hate the sound of crunch when backing up. Just hate it. It's the only kind of wreck I have. At least no one was injured, right?

Love the porch! Dave is the handy-man, that's for sure!

Laurie and company said...

thanks for your sympathy pains, Stickers. and your positivity is encouraging! so glad I didn't run Jose over, for sure!

Tory, oooh, the vomiting thing. no fun! I felt like I was going to that day! you'd get over that really fast with a kid or two. promise. I did need a hug...where WERE you? the harvest party was a success. wish you could've been here!

Heather, crib net...i will hafta look into that! I just totally envisioned Jack in a crib all curled up and teenage-like. it's how we get thru, huh? sense of humor! hugs to you!

Dmoms, hooooow cool that you are considering the home school'd be quite magnificent at it, and heck, your kids are old enough now that they'd just need to check in with you a few times a day/week...but I would love to chat with you about it, encourage you! my email addy is! rock on! activities...we always find plenty to do...we are going on a honey barn tour this week...and occasionally E wishes he was a part of a school, but not so much now.

Sherry, we were quite relieved that it wasn't a kid that we backed into...that was so dang freaky. my first time to do that one! glad you like the porch, come drink some coffee and talk shop with me on it, ay? miss ya!


Anonymous said...

I've been meaning to comment on this post, but time gets away from me (like you don't understand that...). ANYWAY...that sucks. You crack me up about the deductible! HA! That is exactly how i would've felt! At least you didn't drive away and act clueless when Jose said "um, my mirror is gone and there's nissan quest green paint on my car" could've said "wha' happened?" and then heard "blah blah blah"...That's so funny that you did that the same day that i hit that "decorative" rock at Dr. Andry's office...probably at the same time. Twins feel pain at the same time, maybe that's our "not really twins but kind of" way of doing it. Ya dig? Glad everyone is okay, though. Love that you said you and moo were both floored, too. too funny, but not really, but kind of...