Thursday, October 2, 2008


that red spot in the back is a ghost! (too many M. Night Shyamalan movies for this cat). This is my dad and I, circa 1973. do u think Molly looks like me? I like the cup ring and the sweet plaid pants!

I would so totally type more but something is up with my stinkin' this alone is taking way too long. somebody help me pleeeeaaaaaassssse!


Anonymous said...

Dad was stylin

Tory said...

Yeah, stylin and profilin! Who knows what's up with your keyboard? With all of those hands in your house, I am sure that it wouldn't be easy to track down the culprit! ;) Seriously, I am sure it's just one key or so that is stuck. Do you have one of those cans of air? Also, it may be something unplugged...especially, since you have a toddler that likes to get into things. hahaha...Another option, turn of the computer, slame the keyboard on the ground (or at least run your fingers over and under the keys), and turn it back on.

Love your picture...what a cutie pie, but sorry, I don't see any Molly Moo there, at all.

Hugs, t

wv: fscgqrl (Laurie's a fascinating girl with a curl!)

Simplicity said...

I love this picture!

This brought back memories of my dad's plaid pants and big old side burns! He also had a really cool green leisure suit!

You're a sweetie! Just look at you! Aren't pictures wonderful?!

I need to dig out some oldies.

Love you!
Still your mystery friend...

Anonymous said...

Um, no. No moo there. AT. ALL. Nice try, though! This is such a cute pic of you...and dad. Dad's pants are SWEET. How did you sit your little bottom on them without getting burned? THEY ARE HOTT! (yes, so hot, it has two t's.) I love that they are pulled darn up to his bibbies...ah, the 70's...i missed out on so much...(even though i did score a rockin' brown poly turty)

Heather said...

I spy BABY BEANS!!! I had one, too!! - she looked just like yours! Oh my...what a blast from the past!
Cup rings - what are you talking about..."me no understand...ugh!"
Oh, and do you have U-verse, yet? What do you think? We are fed up w/ our cable/internet provider (Brighthouse - BOO!) and are ready to tell them to take a hike!

Stickers said...
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