Monday, October 27, 2008

How very porchy of you...

these pix pretty much speak for themselves...David and John got a lot done on the upper porch over the weekend. I can't believe how different it seems up there, especially with the roof (plywood) on the trusses feels like it belongs out in Colorado or somewhere rugged like ROCKS!

The kids, David and I sat out on the new addition last night, watched Randy take off in his big rig...and recapped the previous was so cozy and inviting out there...I wish you could be here to see's really nifty! it's not finished yet but it's gettin' there!

Ok, just wanted to post those because I told Daveyboy that I would! maybe now he will look at the blog! just kiddin' deary. I know you've been bizzzeeeee on the porch and such!


Tory said...

You must have been posting while I was commenting. How very fun!

Love the deck. Great work! And, it looks like a most inviting place to have a cup of joe.

Love ya, t

Laurie and company said...

O yes, ma'am...a most inviting place to sip coffee on a chilly morning..does that make you want to come visit yet? c'mon...we'd take good care of ya! you just hafta come see the porch!

hugs to you, cuz!