Monday, October 13, 2008

Horsin' Around

Dolly with the kids

Beth was kind to let Molly in on the horse fun!

Ethan on Thunder, a young "pup" of seven. This horse would get kinda spooky...all of the kids' horse-handling skills, though not perfect, did amaze me. Beth has done an awesome job teaching them and giving them the chance to get comfortable around her horses. Thank you, Beth. You are very kind.

Melanie showing us her mad-Little Joe-handling skills

Levi even got to ride around on Little Joe...'twas very cute!

Will...on Star...this horse is very calm and grown up...Will looked quite grown-up whilst taking her out for a "spin"

Here is Beth with Levi and her grandson, Dylan. Little Joe took them for a cart ride.

This amazing creature was on our lower door Sunday afternoon. She was about 3-4 inches long...David and Ethan held her. which isn't smart, from what I hear, because these have some poison in them? right? cool.

Happy Tuesday to ya! What's goin' on in your neck of the woods?

BEWARE of the blah blah post...

Our Monday was heeeectic. Will and I made a lumber run (porch project) and that was swell because we were rewarded with a little Starbuck's stop...and how nice to spend a few quiet, coffee-filled moments with my growing son, who is taller than me. Whatta lovely start to our day, week.

The day just never let up. A fellow homeschool mom that we met thru our past group, Beth A., invited the kids to come over for some horse time. They live about 5-7 minutes from us so that rocks. After working around the house all morning and early afternoon, the kids started getting antsy..."did she call, did she call???" and when she did. mad rush of teens and pre-teens all the while Levi whining and bawling because he wasn't going until the end. especially after all that whining.

That was an awesome time and we thank you, Beth and family, for having the kids over to be a part of your horse time. I still say we are more than happy, willing, and glad to come clean out stalls and do whatever needs to be done at your place. The kids were there for a total of 2 hours. They got home just in time to send their Dad off to work and turn around to leave again.

We met Beck and her girls at the park. They played, we walked (3 miles), sweated, and got eaten up by some horrible bugs of all kinds. Off to Grandma's to pick up the rest of our laundry from Sunday night (thanks Momma, You are the best), which was all nicely folded and put away in our hampers. Hopin' over here that my washer will magically fix itself.

The funny bit to all of this, in light of my stupid back injury from a week and a half ago, is that, while were at the park, I stepped off of the sidewalk funny and did something ridiculously painful to my right shoulder (same side of the body, so I'm thinking I'm not handling stress of any kind very well). Back in '04, I did a number on it, the same week that my sis had P. so I will always equate with being at Piper's birth, which was awesome, with shoulder pain, Skelaxin, the muscle relaxer and feeling really old, which aren't all that awesome. thought I had some of that Skelaxin here but can't find it.

I feel so old today. I can't believe the pain in my neck and shoulder. it's stupid. it makes me kinda crabby. I must go have some coffee. maybe that'll help.

I have some funny pix of Molly to post but they'll have to wait...she is such a climber..she climbed up the back of the couch onto the windowsill...there she is standing in the window. it's gonna be a looooooong day. but tomorrow is U-VERSE!! Yah!

See ya around!

Hebrews 12:1, 2: Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us. Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith ; who for the joy that was set before him, endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.


Tory said...

How cool! Your kids will never be able to say that they didn't get to do anything. Wow, horses are so fun, and that's awesome that you have someone nearby that is willing to share. When I grew up, we had friends with horses, and I would ride occasionally. But, being such a city girl, I don't think that Kim (there daughter) liked taking me with her. She would never show me how to saddle; so, that made her job harder. Cannot wait for the picture of Molly in the window (I hope that is what it is)...I can sort of picture it in my mind, but I know I would rather share the moment. hahaha...She almost sounds like she has the tendencies of a chihuahua. That's another thing that I like to do with people...first, figure out if they were an animal, what would they be...usually cat or dog...then, from there, what breed they would be. And, since chihuahuas like to climb on things and are very active, that sounds like Ms. Mollie Poo.

Hope your shoulder gets better, and you can find your "stash". ;) Take care, and happy Tuesday (1 more day....)


Laurie and company said...

Tory, we were very thankful for this awesome opportunity with the amazes me how much my kids like horses. we've tried the dog thing and the cat thing and we are better off without them. now for horses...the kids think we should get one or two. and chickens? o that's a different story all together.

Molly is quite like a chihuahua...kinda small and yappy, gets under your feet...she is the energizer bunny. I'll get those posted right now..but you know, it could take hours...can't wait for tomorrow! Yah!

what kind of animal am I, do you think? I'd tag you as a collie...we may have another one of those dogs someday..they rock! faithful, shepherding, loving. awww, that's you!

ok, gotta see why Moo is crying.

Love ya peaches,


Tory said..., you think you would be a dog not a cat, I see. Well, on that, you're right. As for breed, hmmm...that's tougher than little Moo. Let's see, you're not a tough dog like a Doberman or a German Shepherd. You do get around a bunch, but I don't see you as a yappy, bouncy dog, like a Jack Russell or a Poodle. A Rottweiler or a rat terrier might be good...they are so sweet, meditative and protective of their own. Yeah, I think I would have to pick between those two.

And, Moo was probably only crying because she's run out of things to climb...hahaha...Back to studying. ;)

Anonymous said...

That looks like fun! I love the little pony that L is riding. Now i know what i can get him for his b day...i'll have to visit that place on Post Rd. that has the sign that says "minuature horses for sale"'d love that wouldn't you? xoxo

Stickers said...

Hey, tell them the story about the turtle.

Star is Calla's favorite. Will looks so manly on him. Like Marlboro Man Jr.


Heather said...

Girl, you are WAAAY too young to be breaking down like this! It's probably from chasing gymnast baby all over the place. Bless your heart. Just seeing her in such precarious locations makes my palms sweat. But, I know how it is bargaining with a 15 month old, too - HA!, yeah right!
Love the pics of the kiddos on the horses! Great opportunity for them. Will DOES look like a rugged cowboy in that pic...will he please stop growing up so fast?
I'm anxious for you to get Uverse! You'll be able to download VIDEOS on it! Can't wait to hear about it...