Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Birthday to our Dads!

My Dad turned 61 on Saturday!! Happy Birthday, Grandpa!

David's Dad turned 62 on Sunday, so he and my dad were the same age for a day...or so.
Hope you two had lovely celebrations...Dad Y., we have your gift and it will be in the mail in the next day or two...
Dad G., we will give you our gift at your party this coming weekend! We are pretty sure you may like it....I'll blog it later!
Happy Birthday to our Dads!! We wouldn't be here without ya!
(that was exceptionally deep, huh?)

Well, thanks for everything! Hugs to each of you!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Dad-do and Mr. Young! --Becky

jillybean said...

I'm doing well, Laurie. Thanks for checking in. Haven't had anything profound to report but we are moving forward and experiencing God's goodness and provision. and that's good. :)

Tory said...

Well, I guess that I won't get any updated blogging until I wish the parental units Happy Birthday! ;) Seriously, Happy Birthday to the dad's of a bunch of great kids!