Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Birthing grounds and a bit of nostalgia

fourteen years ago right now, I was beginning to labor in this pile of rubble.

Well, not really but yeah kinda.

David and I were "dorm parents" at Indianapolis Baptist Temple. We had one college student at the time. We were also the guest house for visiting speakers, missionaries, or down and out pastors. We had one down and out pastor and his wife, 2 kids with us at this time as well. they were a bit, um, "different" and that's all I'll say, just in case anyone reads this. he will remain unnamed. but he was slightly creepy. "Praise the Lord", "Hallelujah" to everything you'd say..."Hi Pastor such and such...i have a toothache today" "Welp, Praise the Lord!!" yeah, that kind of thing. rabbit trail, sorry. This is the dorm...when the IBT buildings were taken from them back in the early new millenium, this is what they did to my old home. kinda sad, huh? It was a junk heap but it was my home. mice, old furniture, and all! I had my first two sons in this place. sniff. sniff.

Will's labor progressed pretty steadily for a first timer. by four p.m. I was at 4 cm and hitting that transitional time, when you feel like a caged, wildebeest, wondering just exactly what is happening with your body. so weird. so unique.

My midwife, Mary Ann, sent her apprentice down to me since she was in the middle of something...Elizabeth got there in time to do her first solo delivery. What an experience. i can still remember all the little details of that warm it was for mid-October, how many people could fit into our small room, how my life was never ever going to be the same, what am i supposed to do with this small person again? You, trust me, Lord? O dear.

Psalm 139:17: How precious also are thy thoughts unto me, O God! how great is the sum of them!

Thanks for letting me get all sappy on ya. I just can't believe that Will isn't this age anymore. I should've sniffed his head more and taken more pictures.

He was amazingly bright and beautiful. such an interesting combination of David and I (I'm bright, D. is beautiful). the front desk lady at the orthodontist said Will looked "just like" me...isn't THAT funny? maybe it's the zits. or the flowing locks. or my snaggletooth, lock-jaw! I dunno.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday WILL!!! I can't believe you're FOURTEEN already! It does seem like just yesterday when you were born! I was so excited to have you, my first nephew, in my life! I thought i was the COOLEST kid in school (well, i was :) ) You are such a blessing and have grown into such a fantastic young man!!! We love you! you are an awesome big cousin!

Heather said...

I love it when you get all sappy. But it makes my eyes all watery. I'm gonna' sniff my boys' heads until their hair starts rubbing off, thanks to your reminder.
I definitely see you in him. He's a good combo of the two of you - all of your kiddos are.
Happy Will's Birthday, Mom! (you deserve some praise today, too)

Brittany said...

Happy 14th Birthday, Will Franklin!

Wow. 14yrs. You're old... Dang. I'm older. Waaaaahaaaaaa!

Tory said...

Oh, he was so cute in his little overalls...who has the world in front of him. What a blessing to you and David's life. Happy Birthday, Will! ;)

Steph said...

Aww, how is it possible that you and David have a 14 year old!?! I mean, weren't we there just last month? Your kids are a really great combo of the two of you... I can see you both in them. Happy Birthday Will! Hope it is a good one. I loved 14 - such a good age...okay, now I'm nostalgic! ;)

Charmaine said...

Happy birthday Will! It was so nice to see you last weekend being sweet on your baby sister. Strong guys have big hearts! :) May this year be one of growth in wisdom and honor -- and fun too!

Sherry at the Zoo said...

OK. That is freaky. In that picture he looks so much like Molly! He definitely has the same expressions as his dad.

Laurie and company said...

awww shucks...thanks to everyone for your awesome thoughts and comments.
To all of you with young little boys, soak it UP! they are so sweet and momma's boyish when little and then they grow up...and while I know he still is (a momma's boy at heart), he is changing, those hormones are testy things...and I can see the impatience of young manhood creeping in. waaa waaa. sniff.
It really was JUST last month, Steph...
I'm gonna go have myself a good sob session now.
hugs to you all!