Friday, October 24, 2008

I'm walkin' on Sunshine....

reason #134: why we hide our cameras from our kids. Nearly 6-year old punks take 38 pictures of themselves almost every day.

whaddya think of the mosaic tables? The smaller one is obviously missing his mosaic...but the bigger one is finished...put your orders in now.

Uncle Tom took Moll for a spin at Dr. Andry's office yesterday...

then he held her upside down, she used to like this. she isn't so fond of it now. can't imagine why.

Dr. Andry Rocks! he makes our skeletons and muscles sing songs of joy! plus, he's a nice guy too!

giving Levi an adjustment...we have seen so many amazing improvements with this little guy since Levi's first visit here!

E. wants to grow up to be like Dr. A. I told him that was ok by me! free adjustments for the rest of my life!

Because there's no sunshine, anywhere around these parts today. And that's fine! that just means that this nasty weather system will move on out just in time for our harvest party tomorrow!

What else is up today? I'm supposed to be running errands but have decided to wait until the last minute and finish up tomorrow morning. Had a nice visit with my parental units this morning, after Mel's haircut...Dad sat and brushed Mel's hair for a long time...(I remember him doing this with me)...did I get a picture of it? no. that would be memorable. I fail in this area a lot of the time!

David is home from work today. He just left to run a few errands...and the grey skies cleared up. Not because he left, though he isn't in the most chipper mood this morning. Said something about how messy the kids and I were under his breath. O you love us, Dman. So I venture on to get this "treehouse" cleaned up.

I will try to post my story later has to do with vehicles "Monster trucks"....this will make sense when I post it later on. Until then, sit in suspense, would ya?


Tory said...

I am so sitting here in suspense...that's why I checked your blog first thing when I came home instead of writing my paper! Seriously, I made that kind of sacrifice for you. ;) Actually, the procrastination wasn't sacrifice, but I did check your blog first thing. My folks are coming to visit me today; how funny is that?!

I like J's table; however, doesn't that make it just a wee bit heavy?

I think Molly doesn't like that position anymore because now she has hair; and, she's worried about it getting messed up. Ha!

As for the chiropractor, how long have you been going? Was it scary the first time? And, in what way has Levi improved.

Okay, sorry to be so chatty, but now I am going to patiently wait for your story.

Love ya, t

wv was good: dessi (which makes me think of I love Lucy because of desi, and I know you like Lucy...also, it's the start of dessert. So, it's all good)

Tory said...

Oops, one more thing...does Levi really take pictures of himself every day? How cute yet interesting is that! Makes you wonder what his career will be...hmmm...

Okay, waiting...

wv: dentess (is that like a female dentist?)

Stickers said...
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