Tuesday, October 21, 2008

This time last year

he doesn't realize just how much we really are like hippies...without the drugs

pinata delight

look at all that healthy-ness. the after party.

Gosh. Don'tcha get tired of me reminiscing all the time?

Not a lot to update ya on, really. With my parents being out of town, I find that I don't need to blog as often...miss you, mom, dad. hope you are having a delightful time in Mackinaw City.

We are in the final days before the big annual harvest gathering...I'm farrrrr from ready. if you know me and read this blog, you know you are invited to be here, right? Ok, just wanted to make sure.

I'll be back on here tomorrow...hopefully with a little more razz-ma-tazz than right now....sleepy girl. plum tuckered from a day filled with piles of matchbox cars and whatever and everything that Molly has dragged out. ahhh. nighty.


Tory said...

What may seem simple to you means a lot to others. You know the Bible says that little is much when God is in it. And, thanks for the get well wishes; they seem to have been answered. And, this early morning yuck isn't going anywhere. But, I still plan on making the Rx for colds...Chicken Noodle Soup! Hope you got some needed rest. Love ya, T

wv: (too good not to comment) jrkkamr (hey jerk come here!)

Laurie and company said...

awesome wv...they've been goooood lately!

Thank you for your encouraging words. I will remember to keep God in it and choose joy.

I am coming down with whatever it is that seems to be here and there...gr8t. chicken noodle soup full swing. I hope you are able to get good rest and health! Molly, Levi and Mel are all sniffling and such.

Love ya peaches.


Stickers said...
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Anonymous said...

Looking forward to S-A-T-U-R-DAY NIGHT! Should be fun time. I love it when you reminisce (sp? no spell check...) so don't ever stop doing it! Yes, the writing, BAD. I was going to tell you about that yesterday, but i must've had to work (BOO) or something! xoxo

wv: rtjrk (right, jerk?)

Laurie and company said...

I am not quite sure what is going on with my blog, computer...it's a bit aggravating but i've changed some things up until I can get my cutest little blog whatever majiggy back up...until then, Minima it is! Blech.

how y'all doing?

Laurie and company said...

oooo Beck, just noticed your wv...that was a good one...

Anonymous said...

I like this wv: nonvites (self explanatory)

Tory said...

Hey there, cuz! I like your "did you say that aloud" comment quote. How fun. First, Stickers, now you.

Hope your having fun and feeling better while getting ready for your harvest party. Cannot wait to see pictures from that. I can only imagine the kind of clever pictures that you will have.

Love ya, and miss seeing your wonderful sense of humor in words and pix.