Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hunter's Honey Farm

We went to a neat little Martinsville treasure today.

check out where the Queen Bee developed...there in the bottom right hand corner...she gets her own place in the "nest" to grow. special are we?

so many nifty things come from bees and all their hardwork...beeswax candles are way cool.

a big barrel o' honey

oooooo rich.

more barrels o' honey...

Mel getting smoochy on the freaky mannequin beekeeper out front.

Will, hanging with Brett S. and Levi...during the demo/talk

big piles of beeswax...

big jars o' honey....our family scored a couple o' these.

Kristin and Alexa N. showing us their crafty li'l candles...nice work, gals.

Levi's really getting into the candle-making process.

Levi and Brett at the hive....check out the little tube that leads to the outdoors...the bees could come and go. that is a cluster of bees behind the boys' heads...and all of the kids on the trip were trying in vain to find the QUEEN.....she was even no avail...don't think anyone could find her. kinda like "Where's Waldo?"

fascinating, to say the very least....

this is the tube window....there were um, lots of bees out here....kinda like an Alfred Hitchcock movie if you ask me...I felt like Tippi Hedren in "Birds"...

a closer look at the bee entrance...

my brood, sitting on this coolio branch...motley, aren't they?

Well, to change the subject from the previous post, here are some cheery, uplifting pix of my kids and some others at the Hunter's Honey Farm trip today!
It was a sweet time. hee hee.
In other news...if you are still reading my blog, anyways, not much here....Levi turns SIX I'm off to dig up some pix of the little dude....I could say a lot here, but I will beat my flesh down...and avoid awkwardness...enjoy some pix of our sweet little man, who has NOT pooed in his pants all. week. long. isn't that a birthday present for his momma? I'd say.


Simplicity said...

You got some awesome pictures--and you blogged them so quickly!

It was really good to meet you, Laurie! Finally!


Laurie and company said...

Loved meeting you too, Jodi...your kids are so nice!! I felt like I knew them!!

I gotta get some captions on here..but I had some deck staining to do while it was sunny...

hope your little men are feeling better!!


Brittany said...

Cool pics. I'm looking forward to reading about it. Interesting.

Charmaine said...

Why did I bother bringing my camera? Your pics are so much better. Maybe I can steal some off your blog and put them in our family photo album.

And sorry my son's head is in pretty much all your pictures -- and not just the ones where he was LOOKING at the camera...

Good to see you today. :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun! Scott is a 'fraidy cat when it comes to bees. This would be pure torture for him...but he loves honey...hmmmm. Great pics of the kids! I love the one of all of them on the branch! Yes, they sure are a motley crew. I can't believe that Levi is going to be six. Can't wait to see the ol' pics of the little dude. Had a great time last night! So glad that you were able to go. xoxo. BTW, what does Levi want for his bday? You ignore me everytime i ask!!!!

Stickers said...
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