Saturday, October 11, 2008

wild and wonderful weekend

Molly is fascinated by buckles, hooks, latches of all sorts...she has some amazing fine motor coordination.

durhhh...she doesn't look too bright here...but she was right in the sun...getting burned.

A view from a hill, check out the new, extremely high porch roof.

Audrey, getting some practice before her baby sister's upcoming arrival...

Levi will now perform a death-defying act...climbing up 16ft, to the top of our new porch roof.

C'mon down,boy...It made Will a little bit nervous...

Not much happening around the homestead today...a nice change from a busy Saturday.

David worked on the upper porch roof with some dude, John, I think his name was. He is the brother in law to a friend of ours...and he is quite the carpenter. You shoulda seen this dude hanging off of rafters, quite high up in the air...I should have gotten pix of it but he would've thought I was a total weirdo. and I am. but he doesn't need to know that.

I took the taxi-ing job yesterday, driving kids to this soccer game, or that soccer game. It was so hot too...ugh. I'm so over summer. We get to deal with the ill effects that the autumnal equinox offers (howling at the moon, crying for no reason, cranking at one another etc) all the while sweating. stink. We then proceeded to visit with some friends last night (Charmaine, Ryan and crew) at their lovely abode...ate some 'za, veggies, pioneer woman apple dumplings, pumpkin muffins (Thanks to the S family. You were ever so hospitable!)

We were blessed by the Horizon worship service yet again this morning. I sound like a broken record here, yes I know, but have you ever found a place where you just knew you belonged and had found some kindred spirits?

Ok, I'm boring myself here, not with church talk, just in general. In my head I sound like the Charlie Brown teacher. mwa mwa mwa mwa mwa...

David is working tonight, I'm heading to my parental units to wash some clothing since my washer is broken. choose joy. choose joy. choose joy now.


Anonymous said...

Ok, I soiled my linen looking at the pic of Levi up on the ladder......sorry.

Stickers said...
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Anonymous said...

When you're climbin up a ladder and you hear somethin splatter......It's me soiling my linen cause of my arcophobia (that's fear of heights)

Tory said...

Okay, so when I first looked earlier in the day, this post wasn't here. Am I crazy or is it my computer? Anyway, Molly is just so cute. In the one, she doesn't look dingy, she looks like she is going to sneeze. And, Levi was making me nervous, too. Those two youngest of yours are not afraid of much, are they? Glad that you had a good weekend, and it's good to know that I am not the only one that would like the weather to be just a tad cooler. Take care, and be JOYFUL! ;)

Hugs, t

Tory said...

Just noticed your new profile that from last year, or is that from this year's Christmas pix? Just curious, and thought that I would ask.

Laurie and company said...

A. Nony Mous- is this you, Beck? if not, would you kindly give a heads up? thanks for the comments.

Stickers - I'm so glad that I can find my strength in the Lord. He endures forever. Porch project fun...I'm with finishedness. but right about the time something gets finished around here, D. is pulling something else up, changing things. ack. I give up! :) 'Twas good to see you this morning as well.

Tory - I started this stinkin' post last night (Sat) so that is probably why it threw you. sorry 'bout that. are you checking my bloggy while you vacation? (if so? wow. I'm so honored. really!) The pic of David and I is from Christmas of 06, when I was newly prego with Molly and had an undeniable glow and haven't looked like that since. Miss you, dear. have fun relaxing by the beach? is that what you are doing down there? soak it up for me would ya?

Love to you in the peanut gallery.


Laurie and company said...

yeah, I think that must be you, Beck. forgot of your fear of heights...what a big word though. arcophobia?

Levi doesn't have this fear. he has pooponthepotophobia. it's where you are afraid that the toilet monster will chomp on your bum when you sit down, causing you to poo a bit in your drawers. it's gross. (he just did it tonight)

Tory said...

OMGosh! I am loving the phobias. Yeah, I totally have a toiletphobia...cannot stick my hand into the tank, cannot sit when I flush, I am just a freak about toilets. Must run in the family! And, while I would like to say that I did check this when I was on vacation, I am sad to report it wasn't true. Not that I didn't want to, and not that I wasn't dying to hear all about the Youngs, but I was devastatingly free from computers. Except for this one incident at the library where I tried to print out my boarding pass...maybe, I'll remember to blog about that. Anyway, since I was only carrying on (not checking of baggage), I didn't take my computer. (Not that it would have helped anyway, not having wireless.) Can you tell that I was deprived? I have been on it non-stop since I got back around 1 this afternoon. Sorry to make such a long comment.

Hugs, t