Monday, October 6, 2008

Monday musings...and that's about it.

this reminds me of those celebrity shots you see where they strategically place their offspring so you can't see their faces...I like that this has all 5 of my offspring in it as well. so crafty.

we tried to do stairstep but Molly...oh Molly, she is soooooooo stubborn. She LOVES to be outside. she has the most aggravating shriek when you take her in...or pick her up, or move her from what she is doing. Helllllp! I don't recall ever having such a headstrong child. oy vey!

if you say, "Molly, give me your cheesy grin"...this is what you get...cute kid, huh?

this big brother of hers used to do the same thing...I have GOT to find that picture. when, um, did this kid get so grown up? Have I mentioned that he will be FOURTEEN in 10 days? I mean, where did these feet come from?

This is my ever so cute main (and only) squeeze...doing what he LOVES (ok, maybe I exaggerate)...working on his computer.


Levi finally came around for a few pix today but for some reason, he had a hard time looking at the camera...Ethan? yeah, he's a mystery....these teenage boys do not like to have their pix taken...but I caught Will because he was up here bugging for me to "trim" his hair. He still wants to keep his long, flowing locks but it was getting dogbummy.

On another note, it has been sooo nice to be at home today. I do need to run out to do a few errands today but really, I want to stay home. I want to blog, blog, blog my night away. I want to drink coffee, lay on a heating pad, and watch Little House on the Prairie.

On yet another note, I was so excited to get a pic of all FIVE of my kids today. all on the same picture. yes. they are so cool. they bug me a lot right now (bickering, buggin each other and me, not listening, not doing what they are supposed to do, etc) but they are neat. I like 'em. in fact, I love 'em.

Allrighty then...soon as these pix are done uploading, I'll get to post for your viewing pleasure. I know you are excited. cool it.

Happy Monday Evenin' folksies. hope you enjoy the pictures.


Anonymous said...

great pictures - thanks for sharing with us, Linda

Heather said...

Dogbummy? Now THAT'S a word I've not heard before! You're a crack up!
You mean they never grow out of the "not listening" stage?
Good kids you got there - I love how they are all playing together our in the yard.

Tory said...

I love the pictures! Boy, there is so much difference between Will and Molly, yet, that same "cheesy" grin. And, you know what they say, it ain't easy being cheesy! ;) Hope your back is feeling better young lady.

Hugs, t

Sherry at the Zoo said...

LOVE the pics of your kids! I need a fix!