Sunday, October 26, 2008

Harvesty good time

Caroline with her lovely momma

Indiana Jones made a special guest appearance

Sarah as Princess Leia, winner in her age group, and Annie as a "Celestial" something or other, which is a PC term for witch.

Terry and Tim (Timmy)...our good friend Tim and his lovely's so fun to call them Timmy and Terry...they're both so pretty!

twinkies in pinky

Lovely Bea as "Royal Pain"...clever, very clever

chow time...

Barbara as "Road Kill"...same creative household as "Royal Pain"... She won for the adults!

Dale as a Jedi Knight and his lovely wife, Ramona, as a Colts fan.

toasty warmishness

A view from the hill...

Hey hey, how are ya on this blustery autumn evenin'?
Hope this finds you well.
Our annual harvest party was a blast last evening! We had about 54 people here...and that is with some cancellations from some guests.
Our costume contest winners were:
Barbara Bills: Adult portion, Road Kill
Sarah King: Young adult portion, Princess Leia (yes, we are partial)
Will Young: Young adult portion, SuperDude (superhero character that he and E. created).
I didn't, personally, think that any of my people should win, but everyone agreed on this. And David told him he would need to "share" his 10 dollar gift card to Starbucks with his sibs.
I have pix of my kids, though I didn't take them (thanks Tom)...we get going on the party prep and I lose all sense of time and function...hostess mode.
As for tonight, I'm too tired to type too much, so I will edit this in the morning....I'm bushed!


Tory said...

I was pleasantly surprised when I checked your blog (after the 4th or 5th time), to see pictures. It sure looked like fun, and I predicted that that wig would make a come-back. It's like some "annual" tradition. Next year, I expect to see a lady in it though. ;) Glad that you had a nice time, and you shared it with those of us that couldn't make it. Am looking forward to the rest of the pictures. Take care, and hope you got some much needed rest.

Love ya, butta' bean.

Brittany said...

What was David? I can't wait to see pics of your kiddos. You and Becky looked fun and great!

Stickers said...
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jillybean said...

Looks fun! I've been craving a costume party myself lately. :)

Laurie and company said...

I know, I'm a horrible wife/hostess for not even snapping a shot of D. in his full Indiana Jones Garb. I thought I'd do better with that this year. nope. loser.

I got the disks of pix from my bro so I hopefully I can get them up soon!

Have a great monday