Thursday, October 23, 2008

This is what I'm doing and some memories from last week!

this is what I'm doing this do the organized toy bins get soooooooo messy? don't tell David. this goes against every fiber of his less is more, organized, empty house being. sorry dear.

thought I'd share the Waterman's pix with you since I blogged them on E's site...
Molly: age 15 months

Levi: age 5, 2 weeks from 6

Melanie: age 10.5

Ethan: age 12.5

Will: 1 day as a new 14 yr old!
I don't have much to offer in pics for this week...what, with the harvest party prep (yardwork, costume gathering, pool shut down, house cleaning, supply gather, etc) mind has been elsewhere.
I am listening to Nat King Cole on AOL radio, and my daughter Mel as she does the bazillion dirty dishes downstairs (how embarrassing, huh? thanks Mel-mel, you ROCK).......and Molly, as she fights I sit here and blog while she wastes away to nothing...that's what is happening here...
I have a fun, fun post for tomorrow...but it will have to wait...I know you sit on seat's edge...oooo the stories I's a gooooood one too....almost as good as the turtle story I forgot to blog about two weeks ago! slacking over here.
Good night and God Bless You!


Tory said...

Nice, nice! You put me to shame, cuz...but, then again, you have been blogging a bit longer. It's good to see the punkin' pix again...I didn't realize that Moll is probably another 1/2 inch taller because of the way she's "standing". But, then again, I have a feeling that's the way she will always live her life...on the run! Take care and happy harvest party...I sure wish that I could be there to see the hippies, doctors, and other crazy costumes.

Love ya, punkin', T

Tera Rose said...

am I on the right blog?

did I ever mention that I have a brother named's a family name.

and his lifelong Melanie..

we enjoyed a day at pumpkintown yesterday-

the fall is beautiful, don't you think?

Stickers said...
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Stickers said...
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