Friday, October 10, 2008

This time last year and dontcha just love it...

Roll Queen...

I love this pic of Levi but it really doesn't look much like him.

This weekend marks phase whatever # we are at w/ the porch project. David has a guy coming down to help tie in the new roof to the existing roof. Should be interesting and should allow for some good shots. Here we are this time last year...

o boy

At the time, I thought Molly was so cute...but looking back, she looks kinda smooshy. Only a mother could love and adore a little Ed Asner baby, huh?

This is one of my all time favorites...everyone needs naked baby pix of themselves and that is where THAT stops. right there. halt. but can you see the cellulite in this girls trunk? Her new nickname now? Tunky. where did this come from? a mix between trunk and chunk. trunk chunk. she just fits this name...she is a little toughy.

Good Friday morning, folks! How's it going? Can you believe it's the weekend again? already? so soon? I'm hoping for a "quiet" one but I know that is outta the question.

What's on your plate for the weekend?

I have Molly in my house so it will NOT be quiet or restful. (as I type, she is near me, taking David's shirt out of his hallway bureau and decimating my clean upper level but it's cute cuz she is on her tip toes doing this and her bun is hanging out of her diaper) Ok, sorry. I love this little hurricane. I do. but she wears. me. out these days. Have I said that before?

Otherwise, yesterday was sheer crazy madness in the car...alllll dayyyyy.

1. Storytelling festival in Military Park downtown

2. Errands, errands, more errands. but did I get anything done? yeah, but it's days like this that I wish we lived a little closer to "town". Returns at Kohl's, the never ending search for the perfect Harvest party get up, lunchy stuff....

3. Orthodontist appt, which included finding out we would have to pay $210 to replace the fake tooth on Will's retainer, since he "broke" it. that's ok. but he has to have it, since we live where we live and cannot be missing any teeth. we just can't. (Will's getting a job. in two years)

4. Dr. Andry appt - he is our amazing awesome Chiropractor/Alphabiotic Doc...he worked me over I'm a tad sore today but nothing like last weekend. And he's awesome because sees all my kids for free. yes, some things are still free.

5. More errands, time killed, and eventually just gave up and took the big boys home before soccer practice, which was at 5:45. I look forward to soccer practice time on Thurs. night because I get to sit (well, not "sit") and visit with Tammy K(see last weekend update). Her girls are so good with Levi and Molly. We always have good talks. last night, the bugs were horrible out there...can anyone tell me what those teeny tiny little black bugs are that BITE? and why on earth are the bugs so bad right NOW?

6. I'm not done yet...I had more to do. ahhhhh. this post is making me cranky. Target afterwards and then my sister's place...oooo so nice to get to sit and talk with you, if even for a few minutes, my sister. I be lovin' you! You. Complete me. ok, awkward, cheesy moment over...Nora had a bow in her hair when I got there. She has some sweet little ducky fuzz on her head now, more than enough to get a little bow into. It came out. She kept setting it on her head and when it would fall off, she would look at us like "Wha?"

7. Home (at almost 10 pm) to FEED the kids. straighten house, fall into bed.

The End.

I do this mostly because I sometimes need to look back on certain days to remember what happens. David has a log he keeps up and he will ask what we did this day or there ya go. aren't you glad to know all this?

Gotta go feed Mollsy Tunkystein some breakfast. Until then...chow.


Anonymous said...

is that naked tunky picture really a year old???!!! OMG! I can't believe how much has changed over the past year. She was not smoooshy looking! She was adorable TKH! Your busy days always make me tired! Thanks for stopping by last night. I could've sat and talked for hours. Miss you thissy.xoxo

VELVET said...

tunky!! i love it! she is so much like sharkey - he is into everything and wearing me out! but still looking cute and chunky and diaper-droopin' while doing it :)
i still can't believe how busy you guys always are!

Laurie and company said...

I miss the TKH (tiny kitten head) days. don't you, B? It was so awesome to just sit with you last about nothing and everything. hugs hugs hugs. know what? I have thought that same thing when I look at Sharkey's pic...they are like fraternal' can just see the mischievousness on their faces...can we betrothe them now? you'd be a fun mom in law!
and it's really a slow news day, don't ya think, when I have to blog about all that stuff?

I'd get going on my political views but that is a touchy subject over here! so there ya day it is!

Laurie and company said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stickers said...

Wow, what do you have to say to get your comment deleted?

Hope today is less eventful.


Laurie and company said...

the deleted comment was nothing...just me hitting post comment has been a nice, slow day around these parts. aside from E. and I picking up huge lumber order, I've been here, sending out Harvest Party invites and drinking coffee allll daaaay.

it is simply gorgeous here today. wish I could bottle it up for February.

ahhhh. love y'all! LY

Tory said...

What a cute, little Chunk-a-Bunch! She is something else. And, now, I need a nap after catching up on the Young life...wowsa...that's all that I can say. ;)

Hugs, t