Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hey, that's me! I make an appearance on our blog!

I had just found out the month before that I was expecting...I was really harassing B. at this point to get pregnant...and she thought she may be!! weren't we all glowy? (I am on the left, stripey scarf and B is on the right)

Melboots and Pipey

My favorite siren and I! this was painted on a brick huh?

This was the last time that Mel wore anything Princess-y! Beck got Pipes and Mel matching shirts for the big Disney Princesses event at Conseco Fieldhouse.

My lovely solo daughter at this point...a mom/daughter night out!

My parents are always so gracious when it comes to all things Disney on Ice. In December of 2006, Beck, Piper, Mel, Melissa Cunniff and her nieces and daughter Jordan, and I went to see the Princesses on Ice!!

I found these pix while I was at my sister's house today...yes, B. I lifted them...but I only wanted to scan some into my bimputer for future use! I will bring the album back next time I come over!! I thought it was pretty funny to see pix of myself...I didn't look nearly as horrible as I felt at that point...morning/all day nausea...nothing quite like it! so worth every fleeting moment, dontcha think, Charmaine? (on a side note: I am gonna bet u r having a boy...just a hunch)

ok, well just wanted to share some blasts from the past...time to go mow! Peaaaaaaaace out!


Tory said...

Two blogs in one day, huh? I think someone is making up for lost time.;) Seriously, I love the pix of you! You and B are so pretty. Gotta love that blonde hair! Hope you got all mowed. It was storming here again today...two days in a row. Go figure. We did get a little bit of pool time today, but it was cut short when we saw the lightning. You haven't seen me move so fast. At least, it is helping cool of this monstrous heat. It feels like a giant sauna outside most days. And, on that note, it's time to go to dinner before church. (I got commandeered into teaching 2nd grade at church tonight. A friend at church is on vacation and just asked me out of the blue to fill in...happy happy...will have to fill you in might just be bloggable!) Talk at ya' later, t

Anonymous said...

OMG, i can't believe how YOUNG Mel and P looked just over a year ago. WOW. I think that i was JUUUUUSSSST pregnant here, and very obviously storing some acorns in my cheeks and jowels (sp?). You were so pretty (you are all the time) and glowy that night. We got some good pics of you and mel. Well, back to my job that i'm not a huge fan of right now...ttyl, xoxo

Smooches, Kara said...

Can I say you look 'Seattle' to me? Does that make sense? You look that all those uber cool people going into the coffee shop on 'Frasier'!! And I love me some 'Frasier'!!