Monday, July 14, 2008

more...from one year ago...

Isn't it funny that Molly looks so much like her dad in this photo? Piper is pretty darn adorable!!

first & last...not in order of importance

This is how I looked one year ago...yikes...self-portraits

man, can I just tell ya, this past year has flown!

Greetings to you...I failed to take any pix

today so it's another blast from the past!

Will's on the mend, he went to his coaching

"job" at Mt. P today, then we went to our

Science a busy yet productive day!

I am still missing Melanie, something fierce

but I'm sure she is enjoying herself! Hurry

back, Melsy! E. lost a filling in a molar today

and the tooth, we find out later, is broken!

Yikes! Levi pooed his drawers a little and

Molly took me on a wild goose chase ALL

Day! David is working at the hospital we

took Levi to when he bashed his head in!

Fun times. I am going to bed. sorry for dull

post! Thanks for liking me anyways! yeah right.

Today would've been my Gma. T's

96th birthday, if she had lived!

I tried to post some cute li'l kid pix

of her but blogger is being a pain...

so later! Peace Out!!


Anonymous said...

I can't believe how much she's grown and change. ( i know that babies tend to do this, especially in their first year...), but darn it, why does it happen so quickly! I love the pic of Moo and Will, the bread to your baby sandwich. Hope to catch up with you soon! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Sooooo - your grandma T. was 16 years older than my Mom - she would have been born in 1912 and my Mom in 1928 - your grandma has only been 'gone' since 1999 (87 years old) and my Mom since 1990 (62 years old). I am glad that you had so much time with her ----
Love, Linda

Tory said...

As usual, I love the look so mad in your self-portrait. ;) And, Pipes is just so cute. That's probably my favorite one of her to date. I thought that Molly looked like her dad based on pix, but I wasn't sure. That makes the BFFs Moll and Nora both mini-me's of the daddies. Hope you had a good day, and I believe that Mel-Mel comes home tomorrow, right? Hugs, t