Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fireworks pix

o so patriotic! my cam doesn't take very good fireworks shots!

a good part of our group

Ethan's taking Molly down the path of Starbucks we will all need our fix!

David is a good daddy and gets all of us a fireworks treat! Gracias, Dman!

My tasty half caff Americano...a rather fitting drink for the occasion.

Hello Folks! Just poppin' in to post a few pix from our July 4th evening fun!

They are pretty self-explanatory, these pix!

We've been going down to this Starbucks faithfully for the past 4-5 years...there never used to be much of a crowd...the parking lot is filled with folks, lighting their own 'works, among other things. There may even be some folks packing heat! I think it's safe to assume that!

We enjoy risking our lives...'tis always a good time!

Hope the last day of your 3-day weekend is a relaxing one...we just played some beach ball volley in the pool, all 6 of us, while Miss M slept...thanks Tory, Linda, and David for the awesome package you sent to us...that beach ball has been a blast and so has all the other fun stuff you sent! (I shall be blogging some of those pix today or tomorrow)!

God Bless You! LY


Anonymous said...

we are glad that you played with the beach ball and enjoyed the package - it is always fun to give when it is unexpected and obviously appreciated. Love, Linda

Tory said...

love all the pix as usual! and, i just love the plug for starbucks...that should be a great commercial for them. you know, goodness for the whole family! love ya'll, t

Anonymous said...

All i can say is