Monday, July 7, 2008

Unexpected blessings!

The boys, with the explosion of mail goodness! We got a big box filled with all sorts of fun, and rather useful goodies!

I think the Kodak camera (that this pic was taken with) needs a date stamp re-do...this pic was taken on 7/6/08...Melanie in the tiara that she received from our loving and thoughtful cousins to the south!

O MY WORD! We got the biggest box of fun in the mail on Saturday. Can I just tell you that the mail lady had to bring it up to our door, it was so big?

Can I just tell you that when she knocked on the door, David was in the middle of his "work-out" with weights, loud music, no shirt. yes, a scary sight to some!

Can I just tell you that when I realized who said package was from, I shrieked and all the kids came a-runnin?

'Twas like Christmas morning at our place...paper flying, kids squealing, adults squealing as well!

I have some second cousins on my mommy's side that we've gotten back in touch with. Tory? remember her? new blogger? yeah, her and her parents sent this awesome package to us! Filled with cookies, candy, scrapbook stuff galore, stuffed animals, mini-flashlights, 10 in one tool for D., Larry Boy video, talking stuffed bull that seeps love, tiaras and make-up for Mel, pen games...o my word...I could keep going!

Thanks Tory, Linda, and David! You made our Day, month, year! That was great fun and we are grateful to you for thinking of us, taking the time out to send that to our doorstep! I know how much Tory loves the Post Office too! :) We love you!


Tory said...

Holy, Moly! That was soooo worth braving the Post Office to send the box. I love it! I know it wasn't much, but it was mostly filled with love and prayers to the family that we have come to know thanks to technology! And, while I love them all, I do love the pic of Princess Mel-Mel...kind of reminds me of a young Laurie. (I know she looks like David's side...but, she has a lot of her mom's joyeux de vivre). Love you guys, Tory

Heather said...

Nothing's better than a fun package that comes out of nowhere, just because! I recognize that Bull - el toro of love, right? - Jeff's dad and step-mom have one that Jack LOVES!

Hannah-Indiana said...

Melanie looks very pretty with the tiara and make-up. She looks pretty all the time! She's turning into a heartbreaker, eh? Haha!