Tuesday, July 1, 2008

just a little bit more and then I'm done

this little brick building is Ye old Waverly bank (it says so on the front)...it's actually a cute building but the junk around it is astounding. I tried to go back in time and imagine it as a cute little bustling main street...

not sure what all this rubble is but wow. part of an old trailer and other debris.

the locals came out to see us...what is that in their window? (upper left side of pic) yikes!

This is it...this is all I will post on the big D. I have some swimming pix of different swimming events we've had here lately...and cute bathing pix of Levi and Molly (totally decent of course)...so I will start that process right now! check back soon.

Hope your Wednesday is a super-de-dooper one thus far!


Tory said...

and, here I thought it could only get better! WRONG! but, my fav is you in the mirror taking the picture. gotta love it.

Stickers said...

That's my hand! Woo Hoo!