Saturday, July 5, 2008

Memories from the Past

If I sit here long enough, I can remember this day!

This was taken on July 4th, 1976, when America celebrated it's 200th birthday! I'm the chicklet in the blue dress

I was just coming into consciousness, being the 3.5 year old gal that I was...Grandpa G. had this old Model A or T Ford car...can never remember which one...and we got to be in the big parade through Lake Orion MI...waving our little flags out the windows...whoa...I was big time in my li'l Holly Hobbie get-up! Jenna and Tom didn't have much patience for my young self...I was 2.5 years younger than them. I'm glad Jenna likes me now! I'm still not sure about Tom!

I wish I could remember more of what my Grampa was like...bits and pieces. He died when I was 9.5....I do remember thinking how handsome he was and that he would let us hang on his bicep like monkeys and also that he rolled his cigarettes and I can see him licking the paper to seal the tobacco in...darn those cigarettes...

Ok, well I need to get to cleaning, we have company coming over tonight...Mike and Pam, that lead our Patria group and the boys' Kaleo group...we are so excited to have them over...they are some amazing people, serving the Lord selflessly continuously! I'm sure I'll be blogging that! Hold me to it!

See ya kids!

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Tory said...

Love the picture and the fact that you would share it! Weren't ya'll cute. Hope that you have a wonderful time with your company. Sounds like lots of fun. Take care and will be in touch, T