Wednesday, July 2, 2008

good times, ain't we lucky we got 'em

Seth, Holly, Austin, Alisha, Melanie, Sophie, E., Sam and Will...I think they are playing "Sergeant Says" at this point, hence the aye, aye cap'n.

Same pool, different day...

Here's the crew with Luke, Hannah and Drew Baby...'twas a teeth-chattering event due to the cooler evening before...but they had so much fun!

This pool, whodathunkit, much fun, joy, relief it would EVER bring into our lives. Pool care is not easy, they are actually quite bears to get up and running...but it has been worth it! I love that our friends can come and hang out with us, swim, chill...Come back when it's really hot, it's a bit more refreshing!

Levi's sporting quite a nice Coppertone, ay?

She thinks she is so big, and tries to stand up in the tubby. she usually slips a little bit but it's kinda cute! No harm done!


Anonymous said...

holy moly. I just checked this a little bit ago and came back to comment on Deliverance part deux, and here it sits, the all new post for the day!! The pool looks fun. I'm hoping that it ends up being warmer than expected on Fri, so we can swim w/o freezing! Love the pics of Mol and Lev. He is so tan! I'll talk to ya later! xoxo

Tory said...

I second that emotion...holy moly! Only Laurie could post twice in one day and make it look like two different days. Wish we could be at the Friday pool party.

Hannah-Indiana said...

Thanks so much for letting us come and swim! It was tons of fun, though I did witness extreme cold! I noticed Luke's lips turned completely BLUE. Nonetheless, we couldn't have had a better time!

Laurie and the rest of 'em said...

Beck: I am a blogging fool. If it's as toasty tomorrow as they say it will be, then it will warm the water up for Friday! see ya!xoxo
Tory: I think it looks like two different days because I started the last Deliverance post last, yes, I am a miracle makin' blogger! We wish you could be with us too! It would be gobs of fun! try?? :)
Hannah: You are so stinkin' cute! It was so very nice to have you guys down last night!! Your family ROCKS!! you are welcome to swim at our place any ol' time!
See ya next week...we have your suit!! LY

Sherry at the Zoo said...

Love the pool! Now, if we could just get some warm weather to go with it!

The kids had a great time - thanks for letting us invade the treehouse in paradise!