Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A meme from Heather!

I have been tagged by my friend & fellow blog buddy Heather to do this fun little meme!!

and just so ya know...I am tagging Tory and Melanie!!

Here we go!

Three things...

that scare me...being closed into tight spaces, something bad happening to my kids, spiders.

that I love...my kids, my friends/family & the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit (three in one).

that I hate...war, selfishness, not being able to keep up with everything I want to keep up with!

that I'm doing right now...listening to Molly jabber on the monitor, blogging, cleaning up my desk area!

that I can do...curl my tongue up like a hot dog bun, scrapbook, blog.

that I can't do...manage my time very well, multi-task too well, run in a marathon.

that I like to eat...pizza, tacos, chocolate.

that I watched on tv as a child...Little House on the Prairie, Mister Rogers, Dallas. yes, my mom let us watch it occasionally. well, weekly. hee hee. bad momma! :)

so there ya go...Mel, Tory, are you ready for this? I'm passing the buck...


Tory said...

You do know that I severely dislike those things, don't you? You're asking a lot here! Does Mel feel the same way? Just curious...oh, and is it supposed to be on my blog, I guess?!

Hannah-Indiana said...

Gee, Mrs. Y, I thought at least one of the things you like to eat was gonna be SALSA since you talk about it all the time! Just kidding! :)

velvet said...

i love that you watched dallas as a kid! my mom used to let us watch 'three's company' with her when we were little! so naughty! :)

Tory said...

ummm, hello here...haven't seen anything from melanie?! i played! now, it's her turn. ;) waiting...however, not so patiently. teehee!