Monday, July 7, 2008

My nearly one year old, shag-haired daughter and serious MUSH

this is what we do for fun down here in the big D with the Big D. We ride around in our industrial mop bucket...yehaaaaaaaaaa!

Yes, Beck, that is one of Piper's beaded necklaces...not sure how we ended up with it but Molly loves it...and even put this on by herself for her joyride! Driving Miss Mollsy.

She can be such an imp. I love her blubbery thigh...squeezably adorable!

I'm comin' to getcha...but I can't really SEE you...such a pretty girl, in spite of bad hair day!

Yes, she appears to need a hair cut...but I am just going to grow it out...bangs and all.

She has that nice, curly-ish hair on the sides and in the back, that once you cut, it goes bye-bye. So I'm not cutting it. Her bangs are bing-bong straight though. She is starting to keep a barrette in a bit better but still likes to yank them out.

I was kinda hoping that she would have hair as beautiful as Velvet's sweet little cherub-faced son, Sharkey, over at Calamity Jane...check HIM out...he's perfection. (maybe we could arrange a marriage, Amy??)

So, what's on the agenda for this Tuesday, one day out from MY LAST BABY'S FIRST BIRTHDAY??

um, laundry, prep for Science club/Molly's party with the buds, piano lessons, swimming, schooling (which you will be so proud to know that my boys sat down together and worked on their new math with no fuss!), mowing, purging junk, cleaning...oooo the fun of it all! I'm so glad to be able to be home to do it though! Sitting here listening to Sara Groves on the IPOD speaker thingy (I figured out how to put CD's on the new Ipod) hi-tech, I am! That's what's going on here. I'm going wax eloquent and get all mushy, sentimental and walk down the "one year ago today" beware!

One year ago this very day, we were figuring out how to vacuum out the pool, and I slipped on the block wall...went down hard and fast, scratched up my whole leg, smooshed my baby belly and cried hard (just like a baby, in fact) in the process...just sick of being pregnant, emotional, fighting and bickering with my housemates, wanting to see that the baby was OK and get the delivery over with...waaa waa. I think D. and I even "fought" that WHOLE day... and I left for a bit to meet up with Mom and Beck...ate a McDonald's meal, vented about pretty much everything to my Steel Magnolias...went home and went into labor (it was the Mickey D's) late that night...POP! thar she blows!

In some ways, I miss that. In other ways, I'm so glad that it's a memory, that I won't have to give birth and go thru those first days, weeks' fogginess again. So bittersweet. So worth it. yup, even with trying to keep everyone's schedules organized, schooling going, fighting at bay, clothing on them, food in their's worth every stressful, beautiful moment. Go hug your loved one, k? for me? tell them you love them and thank God for putting them in your life. E. is so cute...I gave them questionnaires to fill out yesterday and I asked them how I could improve where they were concerned...he said I needed to hug more! Even the big 12-year olds need hugs!

Huggy poohs (as my dear pal Sherry always says)


addendum: This is saying Monday July 7 because I uploaded the pix last night but today is really July 8, 2008!


Anonymous said...

How cute is Molly and her little curtain hair!? I just want to squeeze her. Nora loves those beaded necklaces, too. hey, i'm glad that Moo was able to get dolled up for her bucket ride. I can't believe she's gonna be 1 tomorrow! SOunds like you're having a busy day! If you have a few to call me later, i would love to hear from you! xoxo Give all of your big kids a hug from me! I love E for his rough and tumble exterior, but he has such a teddy bear heart!

Tory said...

Now, that is just too precious! You can tell she's destined for great things...she's already preparing to ride in a convertible when she's homecoming queen. Now, just get her to practice on her wave! Oh, and Mel, could have loaned her the tiara...would have been perfect. heehee...Also, gotta love E's survey! I think all of your kids must love runs in the family.

velvet said...

i love miss molly's hair! yes, definitely grow it all out! don't succumb to cutting those baby curls! :) and yes, she and sharkey should totally hook up later in life! (their kids would have the best hair EVAH!)

Heather said...

You're so good with words. You express yourself very well in the written word. And funny to boot! The word "imp" - I haven't heard that since my grandma said it - made my heart all warm.
E is a sweetie pie - as are all of your children. You're raising some good ones, Mrs. Y!