Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Just a taste of David's life...

bling bling...

not sure which job this is...but aren't they just so efficient?

Tom takes all these photos, so that is why he isn't showing up in them! Great shots, big bro...thanks for sharing them!

Jeff and David's bro, Aaron. These must've been taken on the Springfield, MO job!


I'm Superman...and I'm here to save the world...

I just realized that I had never really showcased what my awesome husband does for a living!!

This is our bread and butter. and nowadays, our fuel, clothes for the kids, activity fees for the kids, clothes for the kids, braces for teeth, trips to the doctor for banged up heads, clothes for the kids, new shoes because we just outgrew the pair we got 3 months ago, school books, clothes for the kids..you get the picture.

When we look at it right up close, it's quite amazing how it all works out. That great Bible story comes to mind...the fish and loaves? not that we have excess money, because we surely don't, but the Lord has taken such good care of us and we thank Him for providing a job for David where I can be home with the kids and our needs are met. Just need to give praise and credit where it's due!

David is a vitrification specialist (that's my fancy politically correct term for his occupation). What is vitrification you ask? hmmm, a process (done with grinding floor/hand machines, different diamond grits, water, compounds...) that is done to marble, terrazzo, epoxy, etc floors (the kinds you see in schools, hotels, big places, fancy homes, countertops. etc)...that makes them look like glass. I know it's more than that...but that is the "laymen's" terminology...He loves the procedure, and nowadays, he enjoys selling it also...He is a perfectionist through and through...(hence Stickers' appropriate nickname for him, OCDave) and I would recommend David and his crew to any business, school, church, whatever, that is considering having Santarossa Mosaic & Tile do some vitrification work for them! They ROCK!

David works with a great crew of guys, which consists of our friend, Jeff, my brother, Tom, Jose, and Bucho, who also happen to be brothers, and occasionally some other random folks, like D's brother, Aaron, our friend, Randy, etc.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In reading back over this, after I uploaded all the pix and such, please forgive my incessant babbling. I am so exhausted this evening. Not sure why...one thing is for sure. I miss Mel. (Molly goes a mile a minute) She is so much more of a help to me, than I ever could have thought POSSIBLE!! Come Home, Mel! We can't wait to see her....(Wednesday, 4:30 pm is when she rolls back in!!) I have laundry to finish up, my sheets need to be put back on and all I wanna do is curl up into a ball and fall into a deep slumber.

So I'm outta here...Hope your Tuesday was magnificent and that your Wednesday is looking even better! God Bless YOU! Over & Out!


Tory said...

What an artist! That is so cool to have that kind of specialist right in your own house! Not only can he provide because of it, but that also comes in quite handy around the house.

And, surely, he cannot be as OCD as my friend Bob...does he wash all his groceries before putting them away (even cans)? Does he wash his shoes in the kitchen sink? And, wipe down his belt and wallet with windex, every day? Are each of his shirts in little plastic dry cleaner bags? That's only a beginning...bet, David seems normal now!

Only 9.5 hours left until Mel comes home by my calculations...and, you are probably still asleep as I am writing this...so, it won't be nearly as long. So, exciting! You know, you cannot miss someone until they are gone!

As for the dogs and the litterers, I say, break out the BB gun! Seriously, the littering thing gets old, too. What were these people raised in barns?

Oh, you make me laugh. Thank you for always being there when I need it most. Luv ya, LY and your LOVELY family, too!

Charmaine said...

Very cool to get a glimpse into David's day-to-day! I miss you girlie. Is there still ANY remote chance you can come to S&S with us.... Please? Please?

Heather said...

Very, VERY nice! Does he do residences?
OK, it's 4:03 on Weds. afternoon - I'm thinking about you and how super excited you and Mel must be to be reunited again!