Saturday, July 26, 2008

Pix from the past few days

Just a few shots from Miss P's Fourth Birthday Party!

E. was put on video tape Beck? if there's anything questionable on there, please forgive me!!

Crazy-haired Mollsy

Check out my new LA Dodgers outfit that my Uncle Tom brought me from California!!

and yet another of my fun tricks of late...climbing in the island...
not a very flattering photo of the kids but proof that they "earn" their keep (as if)...they were working very hard and sweating lots!
Hello! It has been a busy week...not a lot of pix taken! My bad.

Last night we had Piper's 4th birthday party at Beck and Scott's house. You would almost had to have been there to see this child open presents. She is cheesecake supreme, perfectly coached to appreciate each gift...with an appropriate "Ohhhh, nice" and then delicately pitching current gift to the side. At one point, she opened a box that used to hold a Moen faucet and was quite obviously unimpressed with someone's choice of gift...Beck brought her back and opened it with her...and inside, 3 or 4 lovely dresses (she is a dress fanatic, folks!!)...oohed and aahed over the dressed and then kicked the box aside. We may have gotten that on video. And the point when she stood up from the Birthday Chair and then went to sit back down, missing her chair...classic Piperisms! Gotta love the 4-year old birthdays!

Today, I am out the door to try to find some clothes for David...he hates clothing shopping even more than I do but since he's working and I am his loving helpmeet, it gets delegated to me!! Yah!! Our friend, Jeff, volunteered to help me pick some stuff out for D! Thanks Jeff! We have a wedding to attend at 3:30 today. The boys' youth pastor, Seth, is getting married to Kari! Love a good wedding!

Hope that this finds you enjoying a warm but "cool" weekend! God Bless You!
{addendum} It is now Sunday afternoon...the shopping was somewhat profitable, though men's clothes leave much to be desired...D. did find something to wear to the wedding, from the pile of clothes that I bought (and will end up returning)...the wedding was really lovely and my favorite part was when Seth and Kari were served Communion...I did get a pic or two of them and will post them here later. As for the house, ellipticalling and getting ready to head out to a late showing of "Dark Knight" (the new Batman with Christian Bale) on IMAX...should be a good time! See ya later, taters!


Tory said...

Can't wait to hear your reviews about the movie. Haven't seen it yet, as a matter of fact, I haven't seen a movie in quite some time. In fact, Nim's Island was the last movie that I thinking that was April. So, as you can see, that's pretty dated. Although, I did love that movie. Loved the pix of Piper...she is quite a little lady. And, of course, I cannot resist the picture of Moll in the island looking all grown up except for the paci! Classic. Anyway, I am glad to see that you are back. Missed ya', t

Anonymous said...

Thanks for not getting me in too many pics. Yikes. I try, every year b4 P's bday, to make sure that she knows how to open presents and acknowledge them and not just throw them down...well, it hasn't stuck yet. She has been playing and dressing up like a mad woman for the past couple of days. I love the new pics of moo. she is just too too cute! those eyes! that hair! to die for. Like i said when i left your house on Friday, you have the best kids ever!! the boys are so polite and just so sweet and Mel is a total keeper! she is awesome, and i want one! Levi is just a little ham. one of these days, he'll like me, he'll really like me...yoo such a goo momma. How was dark knight? can't wait to see it. I think i have Tory beat, the last movie that i saw was Shrek 3, in May of 2007...