Sunday, July 27, 2008

You may now kiss the bride...

The boys' youth pastor, Seth, got married to Kari yesterday...'Twas a lovely affair and very Christ-centered...The colors were brown and tealish greenish blueish (not sure what you call the color exactly but it is pretty) know, those colors that are so pretty together...which, I might add, matched the auditorium colors beautifully...(it's almost like they planned it that way...hee hee)

It's always neat to be a part of someone's wedding day...even from here's to you, Seth and Kari Bartal...God Bless You!

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Tory said...

I do love a good wedding, not to mention, the cake. Although, good wedding cake is hard to find these seems like. Everyone loves using that fondant these days to make it look so smooth, but isn't very tasty. What happened to buttercream frosting? Just watched the Last Holiday on TBS with Queen Latifah, and they said that the secret to life is butter. There just might be something to know, God-made. Anyway, there I go again, babbling away like some crazy brook. I am just so excited to see two postings from you in one day, and I am having a hard time containing it. Guess I should go blog...although, I don't have any pictures