Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Boys

Three utterly unique individuals, yet they always get lumped together as "the boys"...
Will isn't mad in this picture...I took it while he was playing his (blessed) DS in the car while we waited for Mel's return to us! Love his sunburned's from his coaching "work" outside this week! Handsome dude!! He rocks because he is not afraid to call me on stuff (attitudes, yelling for the wrong reason etc) in a kind, and loving manner.
E...he hates to smile for his picture. It's kinda hard to imagine what he will look like as a man...his features are so striking..yet he's uncomfortable in his own skin at times...I think by this point in our Wednesday, his novocaine had worn off from the big tooth extraction he might be loopy here. Thanks, kid, for letting me take some shots of ya!! You are a looker!
Levi is holding the head rest from E's seat...he takes it off quite frequently...he's sporting a kool-aid moustache also...evidence from Gramma's house! He's totally posing here...who do you think he will look more like? I think he looks like a total mixture of all 4 of his sibs...he's got such nice olive skin...when he smiles...he always shows his tiny teeth...(D. and I were "making fun" of him tonight in the's hard to smile that way)...lovin' his full mouth...smoochy lips!
We are so extremely blessed to have Our Three Sons...Thank You, God, for trusting us enough to raise the future. Yikes. I just scared myself.
Time for bed! Have a lovely Friday, folks! Tory, have fun with the big and your "crew" will be foremost in my mind and prayers!! Godspeed!


Tory said...

Each member of your crew is so individualized and truly striking! Must be the brows and the sweet spirit (that I only get through the blog and pix). They really are amazing. And, Levi, I think he looks the most like a Greenhill. Most of the others like Mel and Moll, look like David to me. Anyway, like I said, your family is beautiful...inside and outside. Love ya, toots! Have a wonderful Friday.

Heather said...

Very handsome young men. I hope to raise my son to be as good of a person as you have raised yours.

Anonymous said...

I have such handsome nephews! All of them are going to be heartbreakers, i'm sure!

Charmaine said...

What a handsome crew. You guys are so blessed!