Wednesday, July 16, 2008

July Randomness

here I am, driving the car and taking pictures...multi-talented...deathy-defying. Can you see Molly in the rear view mirror?

Levi, trying to hide behind my jalapenos...I can't see you!!!

These bad boys were used in my Tues. evening salsa...mmm mmm good.


My patriotic Sherry zinnias.

my non-productive, to this point in time anyway, tomato plants...

citronella style...thanks for showing these to me, Beck...

So funny to me that this car was purchased for Will and 13 years later, we still use it faithfully...first and last with cozy coupe!! awwww!

The Grand Canyon, every time it rains, it gets a li'l deeper...looks like we will have to put a drainage tile in the hole that God has dug for us!! Thank You, God! You did all the work for us!

Tiny Guy, lovin' him some dirt! (I do know proper English...I just don't like to use it)

I started this post last night...but wanted to give ya a little bit more to chew on today, since I know you are chomping at the bit for MORE!! E. isn't in any of these pix because he was probably laying on the heating pad...nursing his earache/toothache/jawache!! Mel, obviously, isn't in any of these because we took them Tuesday evening...and she was at camp. But she's back. Just in case you didn't know that already!!

I have some Levi artwork that he asked me to put on my if I can get it to show up, I will do that for him. Isn't it awesome that the little dude asks to put stuff on the blog? He may need his own...but I'm really debating!

Ok, folks...hope your Thursday is Deliciously HOT! Come on down for a swim!!


Anonymous said...

I love it when you put random pictures on here. You're awesome! You need to put some of the pics of Will in the cozy coupe on here. He'd love it, i'm sure! xoxo

Smooches, Kara said...

We have jalapenos and tomato plants too!!! Ours look so pathetic! Send me that veggie growing vibe girlfriend!!

dmoms said...

remind me not to let my kids ever ride with you...taking pictures while driving in all.

that's if you are ever in Seattle : )

Sherry at the Zoo said...

Yeah!!! Your zinias look lovely! Arent' they pretty? We MUST come see them in person!

Tory said...

I love your jalapenos! Those are way too cool. I bet they made for some zingy salsa. We like it pretty, one of those, would have gone a LLLOOONNNNGGGGG way. Sorry about the tomatoes, but I notice they just aren't quite as productive in the pots. They really need moist soil and the pots dry out a little too much. Well, I would love to comment as prolifically as you do because I do so love today's post, but we have to get moving (literally). Take care, peaches. Love, TW

Heather said...

Love the random pics! You're scaring me w/ the camera in the rear view. And my eyes are tearing up just looking at those jalapenos! Jeff says he wants to come on down to yur parts and get a picture of Jack next to that huge smiley face thing at your neighbor's place.