Sunday, July 20, 2008

Makin' bread and broken trees

These pretty much speak for I mentioned them in previous post.
Just a taste of the broken tree thankful that nothing was in the way..
Levi looooooves to help me make our bread...he loves to play in the flour, beat down the dough for the last rise...and heck, he loves to eat it so I really try not to discourage him from helping me...even if it takes a bit longer and I usually end up slamming his little hand while I'm pounding!! He's such a good sport with me.
He is especially clingy to me today. I dunno why. I kept him in the service with me this morning and he snuggled on my lap...he also kept looking up at me lovingly. awww. such a sweet pea. Then tonight, if I got aggravated with him for not picking up his Legos or for bothering Molly etc, he would look at me and say "I thought you were my best friend" and stuff like that!
My little momma's boy! Love that boy!
I'm hitting the hay...hope your Monday is Marvelous! Night night!


Anonymous said...

Did Levi love helping you make the bread? He looks like a natural. Maybe he'll have a musical bakery/air traffic control tower. He's such a multi faceted little dude! Hope you have a great Monday! Stay away from broken trees!!! Don't you wish that you would've had your video camera???

Anonymous said...

Good morning, Laurie
We live in hurricane country - so I have seen trees 'break' like that - I really like watching a storm - it shows me and reminds me of God's power - Have a great week - love reading your blog - tell Mom and Dad Hi for me.
Love, Linda

Smooches, Kara said...

I miss a good afternoon rain that cools the place off a bit. Rain means sticky around here!! A we get a whole lotta rain!!

I miss the mid-west in my old age ;)

Tory said...

The picture of Levi making bread is a classic. He sure looks like he is so very he is communing with the bread, and just understands all that there is to know about bread. Gotta love how they are all just so different, yet so darn cute! Sounds like the tree falling was a blessing; just thankful that nobody or nothing was harmed. Hope you had a good day. Am back home now for a few days, and it sure felt good to have some pool time (the pool at the apartment is down for repairs)...especially, since it was another scorcher here. Stay cool, chickadee!

velvet said...

i can't believe you make your own bread!! you are superwoman! :)
and LOVE that levi enjoys helping!