Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Oldies but goodies...fo sho

The following pix are way cool...while digging thru my mom's closet one day...I found my Grandma T's old scrapbook...

This picture right here is why I like to scrapbook and label pix...who are these people with my grams...she is the older girl on the left...we'll call her "Legs"...so from now on, when I say Legs, this is who I'm referring to..

Legs and a dog...

Here is Legs with a friend that is shaped more like me. Fun-sized, short stature...emphasis on FUN!

Legs is the gal sitting on the carriage with the ethereal white dress...how down home can we be?

Grams, aka Legs..is the second on left...lovin' the flapper dress. Beck, these legs look a lot like yours. wow! I do believe that my great-gma is the chick second from right...

Legs was alllllllllwaaaaaaaaays a water gal...loved finding this because this is one of my most vivid memories of Grandma. The Grandma with the pool (or the Gma with the Wolfie) as opposed to my dad's mom, who was the Grandma with the Lake. what I'd give for some warmth and swimming right 'bout now.

Legs, going for a drive!

Legs, in one of her peppier outfits. hee hee. I joke.

The face in this pic? so my mom. and what is significant about this? Gma was an extraordinary pianist/organist. She passed the piano gift to mom, skipped Beck and I and we pick up with Mel! Mel, this is why you MUST stick with the piano. for the Great Gma you only knew on this earth for 18 months...now I must dig up pix of Legs in her later years at the ivories.

Young Legs with her momma. Joanne and Christine.

Legs is the little gal in the middle of the group...her mom, I think, is right behind her. I'm guessing that the other older gal is an aunt??? and that little bitty baby? cute bonnet. wish I knew who you were, oldie.

Legs is the little gal on the right...couldn't tell ya who that little dark kid is...but the lady is my Great Gma.
I love walking down memory lane. It would seem I live in the past. I am an old, old soul in a lot of ways...love the big band music, love the modesty that was so important back then, love the "innocence" that came with that time in America. Christine Lorimar, my Grams, was born in Pawtucket, Rhode Island (yes, that is ONE of the nifty 50)...and from there, I'm guessing she ended up in Michigan.
I wish so much that I'd sat and pulled memories from her head...took that for granted, assumed she'd be around a lot longer than she was. Thought that stodgy Scotch woman would outlive all of us. She died rather suddenly on Sunday, November 7, 1999. She was 87. dang, I miss having a grandma.
that is it for tonight...hope this finds you warm, healthy, full of joy...and not completely snowed in. Like me.


Tory said...

Wow, you have certainly been a busy beaver! I love it. I have never seen "Legs" so young. I think the youngest picture that I ever saw of her was with Uncle Lee (well, your Grandaddy). She was something wasn't she? She looks a lot like her mother, and I didn't know that she was born in Rhode Island. And, even though I knew they had the pool, I never quite thought about how much she and my Grandmother really had in common. Kinda bizarre when I know things, but I cannot process them into additional information.

Anyway, this was very cool, and so many things that I didn't know.

Hugs on your "snowed in" day, t

Anonymous said...

SUCH AWESOME PICTURES!!! I've never seen any of these. I have a ton of Legs' pics (i'm pretty sure you said that about 19 times in this on post) but these are just awesome. IN the pic with her leaning over her mom's back, she looks a little bit like i did and a little bit like Nora. Yep, i'm definitely gma's g-child...weird. xoxo

Heather said...

Aw...I love these! Now I see where you girls got your spiciness! And I've heard B talk about g'ma T MANY times, I love seeing pics of her!