Saturday, February 28, 2009

A day with Beck and Piper

Pretty girl

must be one of those scary, grunge bands but I thought the name was funny...

guess who's 31?

Piper wouldn't let me take her picture...

yikes...who has the big face? (I need a tan and so does Piper)

P, drinking her "coffee" (aka hot chocolate)

Piper and her Birthday girl

~~I had the pleasure of spending some time with Beck and Piper yesterday! We were clothing hunting...and of course, found nothing we liked...but it was fun all the same. Piper is a funny little chicklet...she comes by it honestly.
Unfortunately, my sister was sick but in good, birthday spirits. Hope you are feeling better, birthday girl!
It's always a good time with you girls.

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Tory said...

Sure sounds like fun...just the girls! And, I love the picture of the three of you...all pretty ladies. Sure hope you are doing well and all getting better.

Hugs and tylenol, t