Monday, February 2, 2009

A visit to the NCAA and random Molly shots

Is THIS not spooky? nuff said.

Hi, Spooky.

David going head to head with Spooky

I find that statutes spook me out. don't know what it is about them...but they do.
Do they come to life when no one's around? I think so.
This is the Wedge. read all about it.

The NCAA Hall of Champions in downtown Indpls is an interesting place, from what I've seen. David and his crew are on a job there currently so the kids and I went down with him on Sun. afternoon to check it out and let him do a bit of work...Molly was fascinated with the place, loved the space and freedom to strut her baby stuff. she was so cute tooting around....The other kids had fun too and Levi made sure to whine and scream a bit, so I'd want to take him around the corner and put the fear of God in him for the eleven hundredth time that day. ahhh, but all in all...a fun little excursion to see where our daddio works. kinda.

good thing you're cute, Jolly Green not so Giant.

"I love to drink my bath water"

I'm seeing spots.

Just wanted to document this. I mean, this is a big deal, if you've spent any time in my upstairs level. My scrap/school/desk area is always cluttered. Right, Beck, right, Tammy? here ya go! It's nice and neat. for a minute.

And the school closet, though still filled with too much stuff that needs to go other places, is straightened...and I found a couple of books that I'd given up for lost. So that was cool. Take a good look.
~So here it is. Early Tuesday morning, Feb. 3. Punxahowever you spell his name Phil saw his hip hoppin' shadow on Monday...and that means...At LEAST six more weeks of winter. I'm kinda over it. It was fun for five minutes.
~The kids are all doing very well...little bumps in the road here and there but nothing we can't and haven't worked thru. David is working a lot and I'm trying to keep it all together. At least everyone usually has clean underpants.
~Otherwise, pretty low key times...The weekend was busy but good. Our church hosted a Newcomer's Dinner...Sunday was documented up above. We did watch the Super Bowl, which is funny considering we aren't football peeps. We were rooting for the Arizona Cardinals...but as you know, they were defeated...but not with out a valiant fight!!
~I'm gonna go to bed. I'm really tired and Molly will be up before you know it. ack. Sorry for the blog drought. I'm needing some inspiration....that I can blog about. Happy Tuesday Y'all!!


Anonymous said...

Molly is the funniest little thing. I'm sure she's not always so funny to you, but ya know what i mean, right? She's a crazy girl! Your desk area looks fantastic! Now, just don't let moo near it and you should be okay for another day or two. missed you this weekend. hope to see you tonight.xoxo

Tory said...

Yeah, I want to see you tonight, too!

Was just checking to be certain there wasn't anything (and to be obsessive), and woohoo, another post. You and your family are just so creative. I love the way that everyone posed with the players...that is a picture for some kind of contest or commercial! And, Moo just has such fun and colorful and soft PJs. Lots of pictures and so much to look at. Especially, your desk area...I mean, I don't "know" what it normally looks like, but based on my area, I have quite an idea. The sad thing is that my area for now is the dining room table. I really need to find some place else.

I know we are all in a blogging funk, but when you have blogged, it's been GREAT!

Mucho hugs, t

VELVET said...

love your closet/desk area! impressive! :)
and those legs are freaky!