Thursday, February 5, 2009

on the fourth day of Becky Goodness...o dear... ya funny gal!

This is Beck, duh, loving and missing her Gma T..."Legs"'s so funny to me, her, us, that she is so much like Legs...same zingy personality...

pretty gal!

here's a little blast from the past...from L to R...Laurie, Becky, Tracy...a friend we just recently got back in contact with on Facebook! Nice to "see" ya again, were a fun one! I'm sure you still are! Beck is holding her little ceramic Cabbage Patch kids that "Legs" made for her...I'm just downright tacky in a weird shirt. but I was pregnant with Willy Vanilli here so cut me some tacky slack.
On the fourth day of Becky Goodness...well...I ain't got no more tonight...:)
Beck, you know I love you more than my luggage...and I will keep posting memories, pics and thoughts about you, in the days leading up to your THIRTY-FIRST birthday...but I can't do the song anymore. I do know this for sure...I am blessed, so very blessed, to have you in my life! Knowing you are around makes my days a lot more tolerable (I don't mean to sound unjoyful or miserable's just nice to have someone with my blood, someone that understands me for who I really am...). unless I'm mad at you, then I just want to put a paper clip in your eye...but I haven't been really mad at you since my senior year in high school....or that time, well, know I thank the Lord for you! I hope you do, good or challenging times! No one knows me like you...sorry for you! :)

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Tory said...

Oh dear, oh Me...this post is bourgeousie! No disrespect intended, but when I saw the Oh dear, it reminded me of those truly hokey Hillshire Farm commercials. You know, the ones that say "When I say Hillshire you say Farm...Go Meat!"

Anyway, nice pix and lovely sentiment...Hide the paperclips! (Remind me never to cross you...)hahaha...

xoxo, t