Monday, February 16, 2009

A very fleshy post...yes, that sounds weird.

Here's a neat-o pic of Christian Bale's Batmobile, The it just me, or is his portrayal of the Dark Knight amazing, incredible, spine-tingling? yeah, I thought so. love that gruff, husky voice, fella! it's one of my favorite things that Will imitates...he has it down to a science. He uses it when he's roughing up Levi or makes me laugh!

Tom, my beloved, picture-taking brother, let me upload his pix from our trip to the Children's Museum...thanks, bro.
How's your Monday going? Mine seems to be stunted. Will I ever have a day where I feel good about what we accomplish...or even just attempting to accomplish things? Mondays are vicious, I'm takes us all week, sometimes, to get rolling of the many joys of the homeschooling life! emphasis on JOY! Yah!! I'm choosin' it!
Tonight, it's off to the Beth Moore Bible study I'm taking part in...I've enjoyed it, though I haven't been able to give as much time to the daily study as I had hoped. My plan today is to spend some time on my face...seeking what lessons God would have me learn from this exact time in my life. I'm struggling with some forceful emotions and convictions right now and I know they can't all be from Him. My flesh is a powerful beast. Just say NO! easier said than done.
In the meantime, I will deal with my climbaholic daughter (how is it that I am to train her to control her flesh when I struggle with my very own?? help!), my Mickey Mouse sound-alike son, my older kids who look for every opportunity to turn some electronics on, and my own wicked flesh...that encourages me to do things I know I shouldn't do and have no time sitting and reading, or stalking facebook, or drinking too much coffee....ahhh. a never-ending struggle...
Why is it that Mondays make me so introspective? I know that being fresh from one of Randy's amazing messages does play a part...but there has to be more.....
I'm getting old. but when will I mature?
I pray for maturity...that is my prayer this day...spiritual maturity.


Tory said...

Different yet interesting post. Funny insights and some introspective things going on. Good to see you on here as always. Sure hope your week started off well.

Hugs, t

Randy said...

Oh yeah, Christian Bale, he's the man!!!

Anonymous said...

Praying for you Laurie! My monday was vicious too! take care - Shellee