Sunday, February 15, 2009

Broken-Hearted banquets and Boy Birthday parties...

The K family is so cool...we had a mini V-Day party with them and in honor of E's Birthday, they had a special hat for him to wear. .. he looks like the Mad Hatter, does he not? and it also looks like he has spots on his sweater, but it's actually from my camera.

So many fun and festive Heart Day decorations! They even made a neat sign that he got to take with guys are cool!

After the party with the K's, Will, Ethan, and Sarah attended the Kaleo Broken Hearts Banquet...a wild and crazy place to be...David, Melanie, Levi and I hosted Will and E's table...served them drinks, gave them their food, washed their feet, rubbed their shoulders...ok, so we didn't do the last two treats but don't think they weren't pushing for that!

Luke R. was at our table also... as well as Luciano (see E's b-day pix below), who wasn't here at this point...Allie R. and a dude named Patrick.

Here is Allie and Luke. Our family has known Allie and her family for 6 years...Allie, I hate to say this but you are so grown up!

Up next we have E's birthday party....

and all the fun gifts that were bestowed onto him...Star Wars and other funny tees, Wii remote and games, Air-Soft gun, socks, $,, fun stuff. fo sho

This is the awesome sign that the K's made for E...and Levi took it upon himself to put it up for me, in all my Saturday, party day busyness....didn't he do a magnificent job?

Call of Duty....a shoot 'em up Wii game...yah.

I love that Piper was right there with him, checking out his presents, helping him and very interested in what was going on.

The tasty, chilly DQ ice cream cake...'twas a tasty treat!

a sign of the times....E. you can totally play up the romantic's in your are such a sweetheart of a kid. really. you are!

see? I told you he was. And there's Miss P, right by his side...P, you are a cute, funny little gal. I love the little lady you are becoming. She told Levi last night, as they played their usual husband and wife game, "I'm going to have a baby and then we'll get married"...we were all so proud. Beck, what was the other cute thing she said? I can't remember for my life....(Alzheimer's is setting in...)

Handsome out girls! E and his good friend of nearly 4 years, Luciano!

E with the Bean and other party animals...

~My mom always asks the kids what they want for their birthday dinner...and E. chose her infamous Beef Stroganoff...and Beck also made the infamous Creamy Crockpot Chicken...O. My. Word...they were both so good. Beck and I ate too much and almost became Bulimic so we could eat wasn't right, in hind sight, to tempt ourselves with two of our favemeals...Mom, your BS (ha ha) was deeeeeeeee-lish! Beck, your Triple C was FABOO! thanks for the cake too....
Laurie, your ......... was so clean for 20 minutes. yah. that's all I had to offer. though I did make a mean pitcher of raspberry lemonade and a pot of Dunkin' Donuts coffee...
E. got some great tokens of his family members affection....thank you, everyone, for your help and love, for us and for Ethan James, teenager extraordinnaire! We love you all!
~We went to church after the was our turn to clean...and there's really nothing quite like waiting until the last minute....we were there till 1 a.m. and it was actually lots of fun.
On that note.......I need to get going on the house stuff just never ends, does it? I hope you've had a wonderful weekend, and that you are ready to tackle your week head on! I know I'm not!

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Tory said...

Yikes! You guys certainly have such creative parties and festivities. It makes my head spin just thinking about all of that...and, to worry about your house being clean in all of that, I would say that you are an overachiever! So good to get a glimpse into all of this. Be sure to get some much needed rest!

Hugs to you, Tory