Thursday, February 5, 2009

on the third day of Becky Goodness...

all I hafta say about myself here is YIKES! nice perm (step away from the perm, ma'am)...and bandana? why didn't my loved ones tell me how horrible these looks were...Beck, you always look could make a bandana and cut off sweat shorts look classy.

My true love gave to me...
Lots of self-portraits
As I've blogged in the past, Beck is notorious for taking her own picture with whatever cam she finds laying around. When it was rolls of film, it was always a fun surprise or aggravating discovery..."Whoop, Beck found my camera again....#@$$%" but now that we have digital, there are no real surprises. but it's always fun to find these treasures.
ok, onto E.

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Tory said...

I like the one with you in it! It's good to see your face on the rare occasion. (I mean, even the pix that you post of your children only have David or Beck in them.) Thanks for sharing, thanks for caring! ;)