Monday, February 9, 2009

5 days till 13

always such a laid back kinda guy! and man, as I look at these pix, it hits me again how striking you are, young man! You were such a cherub as a baby! that little round funny to see it as a 13-year old young man! You are a beautiful creation! Your dad, family and I are so thankful to have you. and can I say this? it's a good thing you ARE cute...(like your baby sis)...we'd have surely given u up to the gypsies by now! :) I love you, EJY. it is!
Birthday week! got any big plans, kid? enjoy your last days as a tweener! You enter your next category of life. the TEENAGE years! Yah!
great. 2 teenaged boys in my house. help!

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Tory said...

As you know, I am procrastinating as I finish today's paper. ;) And, I realized that I hadn't commented on this cutie patootie's pictures. I love that when I am looking at it that I am hearing AK's Baby, beautiful! Happy Birthday, precious (or is that precocious), E!

Hugs, t