Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Thirty-one years of Becky Goodness!

On the first day of Becky Goodness, my best friend gave to me...

.... Brown Turtle Neck Becky ... (if you sing it like the 12 days of Christmas, it works)

We are embarking on the nearly monthlong celebration of my dear sister, closest confidante, bestest pal in the whole world this month. (February 27, 1978 - February 27, 2009: entitled 31 years of Becky Goodness!!)

Beck called me and informed me that it was her birthday month and I had not wished her a happy birthday yet. shyeah, and as if???

Happy Birthday, Beantzy!!
Happy Birthday to YOU!
Happy 31st year to you, my craziest but best bud in the woild. (yes, that is supposed to say woild)

I can't wait to dig up incriminating fotos of you, like I did last year...probably lots of repeats but always, always a good time!

Love ya, girl!

(it's gonna be a long month)



Anonymous said...

YEA!!! Thank you!!! I knew that since i couldn't talk scott into celebrating me all month long, surely i could sucker you into it, and looky here!!!! You're the BEST!!! I'm now a little nervous, though, although i cannot wait to see how your lyrics progress...can't wait to see you tonight! xoxo

Tory said...

Happy Birthday month, Beck! I love it...I usually try that one, but I was soooo busy this year, that I forgot to work it. ;) Anyway, I sure hope that you have many good memories and times with your sister. And, I am looking forward to all of the added pictures.