Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Two, count 'em, 2 days till Becky turns 31! (man, she's old)

Beck and her sweet family...this is one of my favorite Piper pictures...you know why...so her mother's daughter.

whatta good momma

she's a good aunt...look at how eloquently she scares her niece...

when one tries to take a picture of this crazay cat, this is what ONE usually gets.

~Ok, so it might seem that I've let this blog go...and up, and forgot about my sister's birthday monthlong celebration. Beck, I celebrate you EVERYDAY! I do. As we approach this most hallowed of days, let us reflect on the continued Becky goodness we have been blessed with. I love you, crazy girl. for so many reasons but my fave one of late is looking over at you on the ellipticals, whilst we work out together, seeing you sweating it out, struggling thru this with me! Man, it just doesn't get any better! What do people do without sisters? I can't even take my mind there. ok well, sometimes I could...:) but then I quickly (oh so very quickly) turn it back to the thankfulness I have for God's gift of you in my life and in our family's life!
~Cheese done.
~Carry on...
~It's been a weird week...with me starting us out on the sick train, which is actually quite strange since I hardly EVER ever get sick...and granted, this is really nothing...if you can call a dripping eye socket and nose, sneezes to shame........things that sneeze alot....a cough that won't quit etc...nothing.
~Will inherited said sickness Sunday evening...we were planning to go downtown to take a carriage ride...nixed that. punk. and yes, it was cold, but that is why God invented blankets, neat-o hats that Grandpa so lovingly provided for his grandoffspring (thanks, I like my head cold)...so another day then...maybe in March....when it's a tad warmer...and horse dung is a little pungent. I dunno.
~E. and David are sick now and I think Molly was tempting it...but instead, she just got the whiny end of the deal that we usually leave all to her father when he's sick...
~on a serious note...Please pray for some fellow Christians tonight...we know them thru David's childhood church over in Illinois. This lovely lady, just 61, suffered a massive stroke this past Friday evening....and so we want to lift them up to the Lord in prayer...comfort, strength, peace that passes ALL understanding for the B. family. We are praying for you and our hearts are so heavy for all of you...David's family knows them quite well...Their married daughter was Emilie's tutor for a time...and E. said it so eloquently (yes, I like this word tonight) in our prayer time tonight..."You (speaking of Jesus Christ) were raised from the dead so you can help this lady out" (i.e.)
~here goes my shpeel...just a quick one...Grace. Show more grace. that is what God is putting in my lap right now. I'm one of the more ungraceful (physically and spiritually) people I've met...things keep "happening" in my life to remind me of this daily. so more on this later. Sorry Dad, for the blah blah blah...more tomorrow. you've been warned.
Love you my peeps. I do. I praise God for you......
All my Facebook gals...you know who you are...
O man, I could keep going on this tonight...if I didn't put you, I love you too. you know I do. Agape.


Steph said...

Thanks for the note and for the prayers. Definitely such a shock - hard to process.
Happy B'day to your sis! Life with a sister sounds very fun...I got a brother out of the deal. Tried to dress him up like a sister once and then got threatened by my parents that if I ever did that again, I would be punished BIG time...*sigh* I tried. :)

Tory said...

Sure hope that everyone is back on the mend. There is nothing worse than being sick when you cannot call in "sick" and just drop out of things for a day or two. Am praying for you and your friends. Thanks for the love; heaven knows that I needed it! Love ya, cuz!