Monday, February 9, 2009

Ain't no mountain high enough

talkin' on Daddy's phone...

she was messing around in his folder like she knew what she was doing. nothing gets past this girl! Daddy's little assistant!

I'll have my people call your people...k?

oh, by the way, do you notice where Moo is sitting? this is her new area...she loves to climb up on the island. there is NO safe place left in my house, except for the crib but that is next...she can almost get out by herself.
Molly update: we took the gate down from the scary stairs yesterday. it was open all the time anyways, and it didn't stop her from getting up or down so D. figured it was safer to take it down, than have her kill herself since she always insisted on getting on the first step and closing said gate before she'd venture back down. ahhh. Causes her grandma a heart attack when she sees it!
still spankable.

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Tory said...

I love the reference to Unsinkable Molly B...that is such a perfect name for this one. Who'd of known? Anyway, these pix are just so incredible! She is a trip and a half. Makes me wonder how you aren't just laughing all of the time...then again, we only see the fun times.

All the best for a fun filled day, t