Monday, February 9, 2009

18 days till 31

aren't we cute in our matching Target outfits? here, we are on our way to my senior photo glad to have had you with me, B. I don't think I realized how blessed I was back then. but maybe a bit. (Beck is the taller one...on the left)

Beck and her new Piper!

gotta love those old Kodak pix...they crack and split. Here's Beck as a newbie...lookin' a lot like her own little baby in the pic above.

ever the good auntie. You were Will's second momma. I miss those times at the dorm, or wherever we were...again, so blessed to have those memories with you, dear sister.

So, Beck, are you soaking up these last days as a 30-year old? I surely hope so. once you're 31, you are IN IT, man. Your thirties. No goin' back. well, you couldn't if you wanted to but it's fun to say. You are a dazzling 30 something. (that has GOT to make mom and pops feel old...all of their offspring are well into their 30's.)
Happy 18 days till Birthday fun. I be lovin' you girl!

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Tory said...

Happy closer to your birthday, B! Sure hope you are having fun celebrating.