Monday, March 2, 2009


Canadian Lakes...Beck is the shorty on the left...

Welcome Piper!

I managed to forget my camer yesterday for B's birthday party.

Yeah, I really dropped the ball on the finale of the Becky Goodness! Sorry 'bout that, Beantzy.

Tom, when you get a chance, I will get your pix from you! You know I appreciate it immensely.

We had a lovely time at the Becky celebration...a delish dinner at Vito Provolone's (mm mmm good food....) and then Boyden's cake and presents at B and S' house. We did the (ever so cheesy) memory time...which will surely be a new tradition at whoever's party we are was sooooooooo much fun, wasn't it family? such a nice way to reminisce and talk about something other than politics, sports, or the latest was a great time! I love my family!

Becky, I hope your birthday was memorable...can't wait to see your charm necklace...I will definitely have to blog it, give the little etsy shop some cute!

On that note, I'm outta here...busy day...busssssy day...I'm joining Weight Watchers today! a little food incentive would be great right now...get me over the slump! Hope your Monday is Marvelous! Happy March!

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Tory said...

So sorry that you forgot your camera...I must be virtually influencing you. ;) Haha...sounds like a fun time had by all. Wishing you the best with your know celery is always a "free" item and is really good with some ranch dressing or PB. Just a thought. Oh, and pickles are usually free...just watch out for the sodium. Hugs,t