Monday, August 25, 2008

Whew!! I thought I had deleted my pictures!!

This girl loves this boy, usually.

Scott & David got to eat at the Princesses table!

Miss Molly is walking more and more every day...and becoming a little more fearless (watch out, she climbs on EVERYTHING! reminds me dead-on of Will at this age...but I'm so much older now...whew!)

Scott and Beck have this great big Uncle Frank & Uncle John, being close friends for the past 40+ years, decided it was ok to snuggle!! (hee hee - love ya, uncles!!) I'll call this picture "Snuggle Bunnies" just to irk them!

A rip-roaring game of Apples to Apples...always a guaranteed good time!!

Dad said the salsa was good...yes, folks, he was making this expression on purpose. The best pic that I took of him is not on here because he threatened me and told me not to put it on here...and since he's one of my blog's biggest supporters, I acquiesced!

Grams & Melly

Uncle John & his better half, Aunt Darlene, though he doesn't refer to her as Aunt.


Aunt Nan & her main squeeze, Francisco...aka Uncle Frank...but Francisco is so much more fun to say (see "Elf"..."Francisco, Francisco...oooo that's fuuuun!")

a good portion of the males in my family...

Molly & Nora...what more can we say...they are at such "challenging" ages...and ooo, that reminds, Miss Nora is ONE so I must blog her!!! check back later! Happy Birthday, sweetie!

Aunt Darlene with one of her favorite nephews...Thomas

David and his LAST child.

Mom, did you ever know that you are my hero? This toddler pushed, pushed and pushed ALL day...climbed onto things, under things, and finally tuckered out. a resounding sigh was heard all over Lake Tree Ln.

Aunt Nan is always such a good, fun sport...We asked Uncle Frank to pose on his sweet ride..The Chrysler 300...ya know, like the calendar girls on hot rods? He was embarrassed but his wife IS not! We love you, Aunt Nan! You Rock!

He came around and wanted a piece of the fun!! Way to go, Uncle Francisco! You kids are lots of fun! Thanks for making the trip down! We had such a fun time with all 4 of you.

I was deleting a rather obnoxious picture that my sister had taken (u know which pic I speak of, dontcha Beck??) and instead of just deleting that one picture, it deleted all of my pix from Sunday. So, Tory, I'm sorry it has taken me so long to post tonight....I had every intention of blogging when I should have!

Our visit with our family yesterday was again, so nice, and memorable. We met at Beck and Scott's house in the afternoon for grilled to perfection steaks (moo), B's homemade mac n' cheese (yum), corny on the cob, veggies, fruit, dessert repeat from the night before...A memorable time was had by all. Thanks, Mom & Dad, for supplying all the groceries we ate and thanks, Aunts and Uncles, for taking the time to come visit all of us! good times, good times.
So far this week, although busy and trying to work off some of the delicious food we ate all weekend, we've been pretty productive for us. Kids are doing their instruments, schoolwork(though we have to kick our own butts this week to get where we need to be, according to our principal), exercise and so on...and today, I am planning a trip to Saugatuck/Holland, MI for our family this coming holiday weekend. A nice, quiet day! Hope you are having a nice, quiet day also! I'll be back with Nora later!

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Tory said...

Wow, the fun just never quits at your house. I absolutely love all the pictures...and, I would have loved to see the deleted picture...especially, since that would have made my blog available sooner. I would comment on every picture if I could remember all of them...the one of Levi and Pipes is just precious! And, the one of your momma and Molly is rare and beautiful. It looks like your mom was fast on her way to sleep, too. Beck doesn't look to enthused. And, you relatives look like a hoot! I cannot believe that you use the hero mom uses it all of the time. I cannot believe that you are planning to go to Holland, that sounds like fun. How far is it for you? Well, enough procrastinating...things to do, lessons to be learned. Have a great Tuesday, and Happy Birthday, Nora Dear (Nora the Explorer!, Princess Nora, Nora Bean and No-No Nora)